So, Yeah, A Trump Supporter Just Accused A CNN Contributor Of Banging Ted Cruz

So, Yeah, A Trump Supporter Just Accused A CNN Contributor Of Banging Ted Cruz

Remember how earlier in the week Republican Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz were denigrating President Obama for not taking the Brussels terror attacks seriously? And that was followed by dick-swinging comments about how they’d patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods and stop ISIS for good? Of course, their concern about THE TERRORISMS lasted all of a day before they turned their attentions to talking shit about each others’ wives.

Well, we just entered the next level of Trumpsanity in this election season. Having already taken a shitload of heat for claiming he’d “spill the beans” on Heidi Cruz and then retweeting a disparaging photo of her, the Trump camp took it to a whole new level on Friday. While they’ll insist they have no involvement whatsoever, it is pretty apparent that Trump’s team was behind the National Enquirer hit piece that accused Cruz of having affairs with at least five mistresses. (Trump has long enjoyed a cozy relationship with the Enquirer and has received an endorsement from the publisher.)

Following up on this tawdry little piece of ‘news,’ a Boston Herald columnist and avowed Trump supporter decided to blindside a CNN contributor on live TV Friday. During a segment on Kate Bolduan’s program, Adriana Cohen stated that she believes Trump should drop the messy fight with Cruz over their wives, specifically since Cruz needs to answer for his own infidelities. Citing the Enquirer piece, she then accused CNN contributor and former Cruz aide Amanda Carpenter of sleeping with the Texas Senator.

As you’d imagine, especially since Bolduan had previously dealt with another shitty Trump supporter who endorsed The Donald’s attacks on Heidi Cruz earlier in the week, the segment then went completely off the rails. The CNN anchor immediately lectured Cohen, telling her that this is hardly “moving on” from the story.  A nonplussed Cohen continued to go after Carpenter, telling her she was named and if she ‘ll denounce or confront the story.

Carpenter responded by pointing out that it was “tabloid trash,” that Cohen “should be ashamed for spreading this kind of smut” and that she wouldn’t be intimidated by Trump supporters pulling this kind of shit. Eventually, Bolduan jumped in, lectured Cohen more about spreading unverified reporting as legitimate and said until CNN or a reputable agency finds any truth to these allegations, they won’t be talking about it on her show.

Still seven-plus months until the election. God help us all.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of CNN:



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