“I Think Islam Hates Us” Trump Tells Anderson Cooper That Entire Religion Hates America

“I Think Islam Hates Us” Trump Tells Anderson Cooper That Entire Religion Hates America

Prior to Wednesday night’s Democratic debate that was co-hosted by CNN, the network aired an ‘exclusive’ Donald Trump interview. (Can we stop using exclusive with Trump? The dude will talk to anyone with a microphone.) During the one-on-one conversation with anchor Anderson Cooper, the two men touched on a number of subjects, ranging from Trump pretending to still be selling steaks to his unbelievable poll numbers to Little Marco.

However, the part that will get pundits’ tongues a flapping over the next 48 hours, and will in no way hurt him because of course not, was when he told Cooper that the entire religion of Islam hates the United States. Yep. He didn’t go the normal conservative route of saying “radical Islam” is our enemy. He didn’t talk about jihadists or ISIS or Al Qaeda or just plain ol’ terrorists as those we should fear. Trump plainly said, “I think Islam hates us.”

Below is video of the moment, courtesy of CNN:



I mean, how do you even really react to this? What more do you need to say? What kind of ‘analysis’ do you even attempt to provide? You can even tell Anderson was taken aback. Trying to help Trump a bit, Cooper asked him if he meant “radical Islam” or terrorism. Rather than soften the message, or take the opportunity to quickly backtrack, Donald merely said “you’re gonna have to figure that out” in a rather dismissive tone.

In standard Trumpian fashion, he then tossed out a bunch of bromides that provided nothing of substance. Basically, a bunch of “we need to know what’s going on” and “we gotta look into it” and “there’s just a lot of hatred out there.” (Why does anyone even try with him anymore?)

Below are some immediate reactions to his comments:


Obviously, Trump is just saying this kinda shit because he knows his supporters eat it up. It just gets them hard and/or wet. And, just like much of what he says, it doesn’t make the faintest bit of sense. Islam is NOT a person. It is a religion, a set of ideas and moral codes put together more than a thousand years ago. It doesn’t have the capacity to hate or feel or love or anything.

But it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter at all, not when you’re dealing with Trumpism and its fanatics.

Justin Baragona

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