Donald Trump: I Thought Jake Tapper Was Talking About Jewish Groups When He Mentioned KKK

Donald Trump: I Thought Jake Tapper Was Talking About Jewish Groups When He Mentioned KKK

It seems like every day we are treated to another ridiculous explanation from Donald Trump on why he couldn’t simply say the Ku Klux Klan is an awful terrorist organization or that he simply doesn’t want David Duke’s support.

Calling into his favorite show on Thursday morning, Trump tossed out an excuse that makes his “faulty earpiece” remarks seem logical and mature by comparison. Speaking to Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski, the celebrity billionaire and presumptive GOP Presidential nominee claimed that the reason he didn’t immediately disavow the KKK during his Sunday interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper is due to the fact that he thought Tapper may have been talking about Jewish groups. Wait, what?

Yep. After pointing out that he’s disavowed and condemned Duke many times in the past — which actually makes his “I don’t know David Duke” comments even worse in context — the former reality TV star said the following regarding the KKK:

“The one question that was asked of me, I guess on CNN — he was having a good time — he talked about groups of people. And I don’t like to disavow groups if I don’t know who they are. You could have federation of Jewish philanthropies in groups. I don’t know who the groups are. He’s talking about disavowing groups. That’s what I was referring to.”

Now, let’s unpack this suitcase full of bullshit. First of all, Tapper very clearly said both David Duke and the KKK/Ku Klux Klan multiple times in the interview. (He also mentioned white supremacist groups.) He helpfully repeated both items for Trump, especially when Donald refused to speak out against either. Trump continuously stated “I don’t know David Duke” — that’s been proven to be a lie, by Trump himself — while saying he needs to do research on the groups Tapper had mentioned. Because, apparently, he doesn’t know anything about the KKK, even though he’d referred to Duke as a Klansman in 2000.

Of course, Mika didn’t really push back on Trump, because why would she? Just asking him the question was good enough, right? Can’t make the meal ticket too mad now.

Below is video of the segment:


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