Even Fox News Won’t Let Ted Cruz Get Away With His ‘Job-Killing Obamacare’ Lies

Even Fox News Won’t Let Ted Cruz Get Away With His ‘Job-Killing Obamacare’ Lies

In his short tenure in the Senate and throughout his campaign for President of the United States, Joe McCarthy cosplayer Ted Cruz has taken aim at the Affordable Care Act, calling it the biggest job-killer in America. He’s also claimed that more people are losing their insurance because of Obamacare. Of course, this is all bullshit, as the unemployment rate has been cut in half since the law was enacted and over 16 million previously uninsured people now have health care coverage.

During an appearance on Fox News Sunday, Cruz was challenged on his assertions by host Chris Wallace, and it did not go well for the Texas Senator. Bringing up his remarks on Obamacare’s effects on the job market, Wallace pulled out some stats that deflated all of Cruz’s straight-up lies.

“The fact checkers say you’re wrong. Since that law went into effect, the unemployment rate fell from 9.9% to 5% as 13 million new jobs were created, and 16.3 million people who were previously uninsured now have coverage. There are plenty of problems with Obamacare, but more people have jobs and health insurance.”

Cruz’s answer? Fact-checkers are all “liberal editorial journalists” who are on a mission to defend Obamacare against truth-sayers like Ted Cruz.

Now, typically, this would be good enough for Fox News and they’d just move on. However, Wallace was feeling froggy on Sunday, and continued to push Cruz. He pointed out that the facts, regardless of who is checking them, show that 13 million jobs have been created since Obamacare became the law of the land. That is just indisputable.

Indisputable in the real world, but not in Cruz world. He tried to deflect the question by bringing up weak economic growth and stating that Obama’s job growth was historically slow. (No, it isn’t.) Wallace told the Tea Party darling that he was changing the subject, leading to Cruz snapping at the host, telling Wallace to stop interrupting him.

The interview got even testier when Wallace pivoted to Cruz’s sorta plan to replace the Affordable Care Act when he repeals it. Basically, Cruz has just slapped together some ideas about allowing insurance companies to sell across state lines, people to carry insurance coverage to a new job and expand health savings accounts. The Fox News anchor highlighted that many agencies have looked at his ideas and found that his ‘plan’ would do nothing to provide coverage to those currently uninsured.

Obviously, Cruz didn’t like this, and he just said they were all wrong, and he would totally help people suffering under Obamacare get the coverage they sorely needed. Then it was just more bitching about Obama and shit.

Many Cruz supporters and conservatives took to Twitter to complain about the way Cruz was treated, likely feeling he should have received a warm bearhug from Fox (especially with Donald Trump feuding with the network).


Following an uninspired debate where he had the chance to nail down Iowa with Trump wussing out, this interview can only be seen as close to disastrous. Iowans will go to the caucuses on Monday, and this may be the last time they hear from the GOP candidate. And all they got was whining, deflection and smarminess. Hardly the mark of a leader.


Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Raw Story:

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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