Donald Trump Doesn’t Have A Problem With Putin Killing Journalists Who Disagree With Him

In defense of his new best bud, the GOP Presidential frontrunner told Joe Scarborough that "our country does a lot of killing, also."

One stupid bit of ‘news’ that came out on Thursday centered on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s comments on Donald Trump during a press conference. At one point, the autocratic leader seemed to endorse Trump in his quest for the White House, suggesting that the former reality TV star was respected by Americans, the real leader in the race and brilliant. Of course, The Donald jumped all over Putin’s remarks and tossed some praise back towards a man who is considered a key adversary of the United States.

On Friday, Trump appeared on Morning Joe for approximately the millionth time this year, and co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski immediately asked him his thoughts on the Putin endorsement. And in typical Trump fashion, the celebrity billionaire thought Putin was an awesome dude because he had good things to say about Trump. This led to Scarborough pressing the Republican Presidential hopeful on the Russian leader’s reputation for killing journalists and political opponents who don’t agree with him and invading sovereign countries.

“He’s running a country, and at least he’s a leader,” the former reality TV star responded. “Unlike what we have in this country.”

A stunned Joe shot back, “But again, he kills journalist that don’t agree with him.” Completely oblivious to how fascistic he was sounding, Trump told the Morning Joe crew that “our country does a lot of killing also” and that there’s a “lot of stupidity going on in this world right now” (tell me about it) because “that’s the way it is.”

Umm, wow. As long as you say nice things about Donald Trump, he won’t say anything bad about you, regardless of your past actions. Sure, Putin doesn’t really believe in a free society and would like to bring his country back to the Stalinist days of its past, but he called me “talented,” so it’s all good. Plus, I kinda like his style and would also like to kill reporters who don’t treat me fairly.

Below is video of the exchange, courtesy of MSNBC:



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