Carly Fiorina: I’ll Be The Next President Because I’m Totally The Most Qualified

Carly Fiorina: I’ll Be The Next President Because I’m Totally The Most Qualified

I don’t know what sort of delusion Carly Fiorina is under but on Wednesday’s The Kelly File, she made the bold statement that she would get the Republican nomination for President because she was the most qualified. She also mentioned that she would get it because she was a woman and that the country was 53% women, but that was just thrown in there at the end. Seriously, I am not quite sure what Mrs. Fiorina thinks her qualifications are, but personally, I think she is seriously unqualified for the position she is seeking.

First, let’s look at her competition for the job. Of the fourteen candidates on the Republican side who are still in the running, eleven of them have either served as governors or members of Congress. Some have done both. Mrs. Fiorina has never held any public service job in her life.

However, she does have a big point on her resume that she constantly refers to. She was the CEO of HP. Now normally being the CEO of a major corporation should be a big feather in your cap, but in this case, it really isn’t. Mrs. Fiorina is considered one of the 20 worst American CEOs in history. HP lost half of its value during her tenure, and she laid off 30,000 employees. Those are really terrible things to say about her leadership skills.

Can you imagine how bad the country would fare if we elected an executive with that sort of record to head the country? The stock market would crash the day after the election and would probably keep falling for a week at least. How many government employees would worry for her entire administration that they were going to be laid off because the government just wouldn’t be able to pay their salaries? That isn’t a confidence builder.

However, as bad as that is, her worst quality so far in this campaign seems to be her lack of ability to speak the truth. If people don’t feel they can trust the current President, how are they ever going to trust someone who has a record, according to PolitiFact of speaking half truths or worse 74% of the time. To me that means you are lying about 75% of the time. According to their site she actually only says a fully truthful statement 11% of the time.

None of these things seem to make her very qualified to be President. When I look over at Chris Christie, John Kasich, Lindsey Graham, and even Marco Rubio, I see people who are far more qualified. I don’t really care for their politics, but at least I can see them as qualified for the position of President. I just can’t see Carly Fiorina as qualified in any way.

Poor Richard Jr.

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