Fox’s Andrea Tantaros: Everything Obama Does Is “Unbelievably Anti-American At Its Core”

Fox’s Andrea Tantaros: Everything Obama Does Is “Unbelievably Anti-American At Its Core”

Earlier this week, Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced that he had approved the transfer of 17 low-level detainees from Guantanamo Bay. The transfer of these prisoners would reduce the prison’s population to 90 and represents the largest move of prisoners since 2007. It also indicates that President Obama is trying to make good on his promise to close down Gitmo before he leaves office in January 2017.

During the broadcast of Fox News’ Outnumbered on Thursday, co-host and sentient conservative meme Andrea Tantaros did what she does best, which is to loudly whine about the President and let everyone know just how much he hates America. Commenting on the news surrounding Gitmo, the perpetually shrieking pundit tossed out a Palin-esque word salad in which she claimed that Obama was totally anti-American and only cared about hurt feelings or some such shit.

From the transcript of the show:

“This is why people ask what side is he on. Whose side is he on? Everything he is doing is the antithesis of being pro-American. Everything. You can’t imagine the body count. How many soldiers were killed looking for Bowe Bergdahl? In exchange we traded five of the top, top jihadists that will return to that battlefield. It’s complete insanity. And all he cares about is his political legacy. These families that have lost loved ones that searched to capture those Gitmo detainees that he is releasing. And you know what he cares about? Hurt feelings. He cares about the hurt feelings of people in this country that are trying to kill us. It is unbelievably anti-American at its core. And it infuriates the American people and it’s the only thing Republicans should talk about from now until Election Day.”

That is some top-notch, Grade-A, high-quality faux outrage right there. You can’t just get that anywhere, folks. No, only the good people at Fox News can provide that level of made-up anger and anti-Obummer rantings on a daily basis.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Fox News:


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