Bill O’Reilly And His White Buddy Agree That #BlackLivesMatter “Hate Their Country”

Bill O’Reilly And His White Buddy Agree That #BlackLivesMatter “Hate Their Country”

Always a slave to his self-built narratives, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly devoted a large portion of his show Thursday night to his belief that Donald Trump doesn’t mean much of what he says and that his campaign is much like that of Barack Obama’s in 2008. (Yes, you read that right.) Pushing the notion that voters who support Trump are smart enough to realize that the celebrity billionaire really isn’t as frighteningly crazy as he’s been letting on, Papa Bear claimed that The Donald is just tapping into the same ‘Hope and Change’ emotion that won Obama the White House.

Following up his ‘Talking Points’ block where he laid down that nugget of wisdom, Bill-O moved on to a regular feature of the show known as ‘Weekdays with Bernie,’ where he talks with another old, bitter, liberal media hating white guy, Bernie Goldberg. In this instance, O’Reilly wanted Goldberg’s opinion on Trump’s supporters and whether he can build enough of a coalition to win the White House. Ol’ Bernie tried to give Bill the bad news that the demographics just aren’t with Trump, especially since large segments of non-white populations hate the reality TV star’s guts.

However, former Inside Edition host wasn’t having it, and he decided to blow Bernie’s pants off with a sizzling hot take. After jerking himself off over his Kate’s Law, O’Reilly stated that he finally became fed up with the system when the lawmakers in Washington didn’t get it passed five minutes after he pushed it on TV. Maintaining that he is a “very educated guy” and “not an extremist in any way shape or form,” Bill said Trump understands him because millions of Americans “have had it” and he’s going to mobilize all those people. And, since this is Bill O’Reilly, it all came around to Black Lives Matter because of course.

“It’s a lot like Black Lives Matter. And again, he’d be horrified by them. The Black Lives Matter crew, they basically hate their country. They HATE it, alright, and there’s nothing you can say to persuade them out if that. They hate it. Their numbers are a lot less than the Trump numbers, but it’s the same powerful emotion.”

Goldberg would say “right’ in response to O’Reilly and then say that the experts have miscalculated Trump supporters’ anger. Eventually, this would all turn to the Fox News host once again going to his Barack Obama/Hope and Change theory that he tossed out at the beginning of the broadcast, with O’Reilly saying that Obama won with the same strategy that Trump is utilizing. Umm, OK.

Anyway, it is always nice to see that O’Reilly, no matter what he’s talking about, can find time to denigrate black activists and helpfully whitesplain to everyone what they truly believe.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Fox News:


Justin Baragona

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