Never Go Full Nazi: Trump Supporter Yells “Sieg Heil” As Protester Removed During Rally

Never Go Full Nazi: Trump Supporter Yells “Sieg Heil” As Protester Removed During Rally

Another day, another chance for Republican Presidential frontrunner and rancid pumpkin Donald Trump to show that his entire campaign is built on white resentment and racial hatred. Appearing in Las Vegas Monday night for a campaign rally, The Donald’s speech was interrupted numerous times by demonstrators who were there to protest Trump’s bigoted rhetoric regarding Muslims, Mexicans, blacks and pretty much all non-white people.

And, just like at past rallies, the protesters were hauled off in a violent manner while Trump supporters hurled insults towards them. While attendees weren’t as physical with the demonstrators as in past events — only shoving was witnessed this time around — the Trumpkins decided using violent language and white nationalist chants would be good enough this time around.

While one man was forcefully escorted by security roughly ten minutes into Trump’s speech after interrupting it, rally goers began gathering around and shouting hateful comments towards him. As he was on the ground and being manhandled by guards, one man could be heard yelling “light that motherfucker on fire!”

Ah, but that wasn’t even the worst of it. Another man constantly shouted out “He’s a Muslim! He’s a Muslim!” in an effort to rile up the other supporters. Meanwhile, one person went straight Nazi, yelling “Sieg Heil!” as the man was taken out of the building. Others could be heard calling for security to “kick his ass” or “shoot him!”

Trump was in Vegas not only to attend the rally, but to also take part in Tuesday night GOP debate, which will be aired on CNN. Will the debate moderators bring up the racially charged atmosphere of his gatherings, all brought about because the celebrity billionaire is embracing racism, xenophobia and bigotry to energize his campaign?

Below is video of the protester being hauled off, courtesy of MSNBC:


Justin Baragona

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