Donald Trump Claims He Would Have Killed The Paris Terrorists If He Were There

Donald Trump Claims He Would Have Killed The Paris Terrorists If He Were There

Hey, we already know that reality TV star cum likely Republican nominee for President Donald Trump is going to “unequivocally” be the healthiest POTUS ever, according to his doctor. We also know that he is the richest and smartest guy in the entire country, if not the world. But were you aware that the real estate mogul is also a deadly killing machine who can take out highly-trained terrorists with nothing more than a gun strapped to his ankle?

During a campaign speech in Las Vegas Monday night, the GOP frontrunner and angry cat toy discussed the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, where more than one hundred people were killed and roughly 300 more were injured. Since the tragedy, Trump has essentially blamed the French government and people for the deaths by stating that the country’s strict gun control laws kept victims from defending themselves and potentially killing their attackers. While Trump repeated that same NRA ‘good guy with a gun’ reasoning, he added a little twist on Monday.

“If a few of those people that are now dead, if a few of those people had guns strapped to their ankles or strapped to their waists, you wouldn’t have the problem, right? If I were there, I’m licensed to carry, I will tell you this, if I were there, if somebody were there, if we had some firepower in the opposite direction, those people would’ve been gone.”

Hear that, radical Islamic terrorist bad guys. You don’t want to be causing the TERRORISMS anywhere near where RoboTrump is. No sir! The 70-year-old overweight badass motherfucker will lean over and get his gun strapped to his ankle and take you out if he sees the shit going down. Don’t you test him. Don’t you dare!

It should also be noted that these remarks came during the same rally that saw a number of protesters hauled out while Trump supporters hurled insults, called for one to be immolated and gave Nazi salutes. So, y’know, this kind of came with the territory.

Below is video of the entire speech, courtesy of Right Side Broadcasting (the gun remarks come at the 1:02.00 mark):



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