Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld: We Need A “Liberal Mayor Spring” Where All Left-Wing Mayors Quit

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld: We Need A “Liberal Mayor Spring” Where All Left-Wing Mayors Quit

On Wednesday’s broadcast of The Five on Fox News, host Greg Gutfeld called for the equivalent of the “Arab Spring” in America against all liberal mayors across the country while criticizing Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. As the news of protests against the mayor started playing out on the newscast, Mr. Gutfeld decided he absolutely needed to take the obligatory shot at the embattled Democrat.

First, instead of giving a sound and reasonable reason why Mr. Emanuel should be removed from office, he brings up the mayor’s politicized fight with Fox’s favorite Christian food franchise, Chick-fil-A. Gutfeld proclaimed that Emanuel should have been fired because of his fight against the fast food restaurant while people were dying on Chicago streets. As if that were the only thing occupying the mayor’s time and energy. It isn’t like any other mayor or politician has done anything similar before.

Of course, that is a stupid thing to say and just diverts attention away from the real issue at hand to categorize all liberal politicians as hating Christianity. That is probably why he said he wanted America to have a “Liberal Mayor Spring” in this country where they would all just resign and drop out of sight. It isn’t going to happen so Mr. Gutfeld can just keep dreaming.

The personal attack against Mayor Emanuel isn’t necessary in this case, and with everything that is going on Fox has plenty of ammunition to use against him to actually just be straight forward and honest without reverting to subtle attacks against liberals being un-Christian. The handling of the shooting of Laquan McDonald has been terrible. There is absolutely no reason that the video needed to be delayed so long except for political gain. There is no reason to have delayed the charging of the officer involved in the shooting.

So much has been mismanaged in this city from the police, Homan Square, its budget, and the number of homicides. It is no wonder that Mr. Emanuel had such a hard time during his re-election campaign. For once, you would have thought that Fox could have just reported on the news with accuracy and without the foolish commentary, but I suppose that is beyond the ability of some of their so-called journalists.

Poor Richard Jr.

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