Fox’s Shep Smith: “Carnival Huckster” Donald Trump Is “Representing The Worst” Of America

Fox’s Shep Smith: “Carnival Huckster” Donald Trump Is “Representing The Worst” Of America

While his colleagues and boss have already started warming to Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s cravenly bigoted demand that the United States ban any Muslims from entering the country, Fox News anchor Shep Smith continued to be the oasis of reason in a desert of crazy. During the broadcast of his mid-afternoon Fox program, Smith railed against Trump and declared a need for the media to call him out for tapping into the “darkest part of” our society.

Speaking to John Bussey of the Wall Street Journal, Smith responded to Bussey’s comments that Trump is running an anti-establishment campaign and is answering conservative voters’ concerns regarding Muslims and terrorism, specifically the worries among evangelical Christians. Smith the unleashed a moment of clarity into the Fox News bubble, letting the audience know just how dangerous Trump truly is.

A lot more need to be led by somebody, not to be dragged down the wormhole by some carnival huckster,” Smith exclaimed about Trump’s supporters.” Somebody needs to come up and remind them what this nation is and what we’re about and how we dream and the way we were founded and what our Constitution is.”

“He’s not representing any of that, the Fox host continued. “He’s representing the worst, darkest part of all that is America.”

Smith has regularly veered to the left of his fellow Fox employees, tossing occasional nuggets of truth into his broadcasts as a way to slowly educate the network’s zombified viewers. Shortly after the San Bernardino shooting, Shep agreed with President Obama that frequent mass shootings are unique to this country and that we needed to seriously address the issue. He also fired back at a colleague who whined about Pope Francis being “political” on climate change, saying that the pontiff was being consistent with Catholic teachings.

Meanwhile, Smith’s boss Rupert Murdoch tweeted out tacit approval of Trump’s position Tuesday and stated that we¬†should stop all refugees from coming in to the United States. Also, hosts of Fox & Friends and Outnumbered appeared to side with Trump on the ban all Muslims thing. Sigh.

Below is video of Smith’s segment, courtesy of Fox News:



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