Ben Carson Tells ABC’s ‘This Week’ That He’s Going To Keep On Saying Crazy And Dishonest Stuff

Ben Carson Tells ABC’s ‘This Week’ That He’s Going To Keep On Saying Crazy And Dishonest Stuff

A couple of days after Carson suffered a very, very, very bad day with the press over embellishments and straight lies he placed in his autobiography, the retired neurosurgeon and Republican Presidential candidate appeared on a number of Sunday news shows to set the record straight. Of course, setting the record straight for Ben Carson means whining about the liberal lamestream media and claiming that all the crazy shit he says is really the press’s fault because they want to make him look bad. During his interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on This Week, Carson not only took this course of action but also said he’s not going to change a damn thing.

Taking a page out of Donald Trump’s book and calling into a show rather than appearing live in studio, Carson tangled with the host over the falsehoods that have been dug up in his memoir. According to Carson, he never lied about being offered a “full scholarship” to West Point, using semantics brought up by conservative media members to wriggle himself free. He also said that he probably just misremembered the actual name of the Yale class in which a professor labeled him the “most honest student,” leading to a cash reward and a picture in the school paper, something Yale has been unable to confirm. (The school also says the class doesn’t exist.)

After stating that nobody can recollect everything 40 or 50 years after it happens — it should be noted that Gifted Hands was first published in 1990 — Carson then told Stephanopoulos that he was not going to change one goddamned thing in his campaign.

From the show’s transcript:


STEPHANOPOULOS: Do you believe that you — you will have to get a little more precise in your documenting of your past?

CARSON: Well, show me somebody, even from your business, the media, who is 100 percent accurate in everything that they say that happened 40 or 50 years ago. Please show me that person, because I will sit at their knee and I will learn from them.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So going forward — going forward, no changes in your campaign?

CARSON: Absolutely not. Our campaign is the thing. We tell the truth. We deal with the issues. And, you know, we don’t — I’m not a politician. So, you know, you’re not going to find me acting like a politician. I don’t do that.

I am somebody who is extremely concerned about the direction of our nation and what is going to happen to us if we continue down this pathway. And I am very hopeful that people in your business, the media, will soon recognize the role that they play in helping to restore the American dream.


Notice what Carson tried to do there to the ABC host. Besides saying he isn’t going to change how he’s running his campaign, he also attempted to guilt the media into only giving him laudatory praise. See, he’s trying to recapture the American dream. Why won’t people in the media just kiss his ass, like he had gotten so used to from his days at Fox News? It just isn’t fair!

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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