CNN Contributor Claims It Is Sexist To Call Donald Trump A Misogynist Over Fiorina Comments

CNN Contributor Claims It Is Sexist To Call Donald Trump A Misogynist Over Fiorina Comments

Yet another self-made Donald Trump controversy came to the forefront Wednesday evening as Rolling Stone posted an interview with the Presidential candidate online that will appear in the magazine’s September 24th issue. In the lengthy article, Trump was quoted saying disparaging things about fellow GOP hopeful Carly Fiorina’s looks. Predictably, as has been the case this entire summer, Trump made appearances on two morning cable news shows to discuss his remarks and spin them to his advantage. (He also took numerous shots at Ben Carson, who is firmly in second place in national GOP polls.)

Prior to CNN’s Chris Cuomo interviewing Trump, the New Day crew held a panel discussion about The Donald’s obviously misogynistic remarks about Fiorina. Included in the conversation was contributor and ex-GOP strategist Jeffrey Lord, who was apparently hired by CNN earlier this year to solely give pro-Trump commentary. This would once again be the case Thursday morning, as not only did Lord go out of his way to defend the Trumpster, but tried to turn the whole thing around and claim anyone who thinks the real estate mogul is a misogynist is themselves sexist.

Lord jumped right into the discussion by pumping up Trump’s poll numbers and talking about just how motherfuckin’ awesome and amazing the reality TV show truly is. At the same time, he referenced the Rolling Stone piece, leading to a conversation about his comments and history of insulting women’s looks. After some back and forth, Cuomo asked Lord directly if he would advise Trump to tone down these kinds of unnecessary attacks if he were running his campaign. The former Reagan staffer agreed that it is a distraction, but then went on to complain about political correctness and whine that people give Trump shit about his silly hair.

The Daily Beast’s John Avalon, who had been trying desperately to join the conversation, finally jumped in and said that the whole anti-PC thing is nothing but a game that Donald Trump plays to justify his behavior when he is really just interested in dividing and distracting. This led to Avalon stating that these types of comments from Trump are misogynistic, hurtful, bullying and mean-spirited. Meanwhile, as Avalon spoke, Lord attempted to interrupt him and claim that all of that was nonsense. You could also hear him try to say that Avalon was actually being sexist.

Co-host Alyson Camerota then pushed her way into the fray to directly ask Lord if it is indeed misogynistic to talk about women’s looks all the time. Lord’s response, I shit you not, was to say, “Oh, I think it’s sexist to call it misogynistic. What do you think of that?” Of course, Avalon just had a look of bewilderment on his face, and then had to hear Lord defend that statement, as the Trump apologist continued to burp out something about “hyper political correctness” and how people “hate it.” Meanwhile, Avalon tried to tell him it had nothing to do with PD language and more to do with basic decency.

So, just to recap. Lord’s defense of Trump falls along the line of Trump can say whatever he wants, all the time, because he is anti-PC. In fact, anyone who finds offense with anything Trump says is actually the one who is being offensive because they are being too politically correct in the first place in being offended. Only those who embrace political incorrectness can be rightfully offended. All others are the real racists, sexists and bigots.

Below is video of segment, courtesy of Media Matters:


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