Glenn Beck Tells CNN That We Can’t Find A Solution To Iran Because Of #BlackLivesMatter

Glenn Beck Tells CNN That We Can’t Find A Solution To Iran Because Of #BlackLivesMatter

It is just an accepted fact that Glenn Beck is completely and utterly insane. However, the conservative radio host and professional crier has a large and devoted cult following, and due to this, he is given access to mainstream media on a regular basis to spout out his delusional and conspiracy-laden rantings. The Blaze founder showed up Wednesday evening on CNN Tonight to talk about the anti-Iran nuclear deal rally that he and other Tea Party Patriots ™ appeared at earlier in the day.

Considering the conversation was between Lemon and Beck, there was already close to a 100% chance that it would go off the rails, and we would all be exposed to some high-level crazy. And this would be no exception. After going on and on about how much he hates the Iran deal that was reached between the United States, Iran and five other world powers, Beck then turned his attentions to both Hillary Clinton and the Black Lives Matter movement.

When Lemon stated that Beck was sounding like Hillary regarding his lack of trust in Iran to uphold their side of the deal, the former disc jockey stammered on regarding how Clinton can’t be trusted and maybe she might have had something to do with the actual agreement. (She didn’t, of course.) He then pivoted to saying how he just doesn’t trust anyone who’s had anything to do with the nuclear deal, whether they are from America or Iran.

This all somehow led to #BlackLivesMatter and how its very existence means the United States won’t be able to really find a solution to Iran. After highlighting that Iran will eventually receive embargoed funds due to the deal — Beck says that will immediately go to fund terrorism — the radio host said he doesn’t understand why this country is so eager to “embrace death,” which is exemplified by black protesters getting upset when people tell them “all lives matter.”

“When you can’t say all lives matter without upsetting people who say black lives matter — I understand, I really do understand, black lives matter. But so do white lives, so do Asian lives and Hispanic lives, I get that. All lives matter! When we can’t say that, when we’ve taken life and made it political, you think we’re really gonna get to a solution on Iran? No!”

So, there you have it. In Beck World, black activists fighting against an oppressive system of institutional racism and police brutality have created a culture wherein Americans embrace death and welcome Islamic terrorists to blow us off the face of the Earth with nuclear weapons. Got it.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of CNN:


Justin Baragona

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