Fox News Calls #BlackLivesMatter The “Murder Movement” And Wants It Labeled As A Hate Group

Fox News Calls #BlackLivesMatter The “Murder Movement” And Wants It Labeled As A Hate Group

Fox News’ latest bogeyman, Black Lives Matter, was put on blast Monday morning when the network’s morning program for fearful white imbeciles, Fox & Friends, called for the movement to be labeled as a hate group and said the activists were actively calling for the murder of police officers. In two separate segments, the hosts and guests railed against the loosely organized group and directly blamed protesters and movement leaders for the shooting death of a Texas deputy over the weekend.

The fun began when co-host and confused seven-year-old Brian Kilmeade interviewed Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke about his thoughts on the shooting death of Texas Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth this past Friday. Clarke, who is a favorite Fox guest as he is a black conservative who regularly assails African-Americans and President Obama, immediately blamed the Black Lives Matter movement for Goforth’s death at the hands of a black shooter. The alleged killer, Shannon Miles, does not appear to have any connection to the protest community.

While Clarke was ranting about how dangerous and out of line Black Lives Matter is, the Fox News graphic team placed a chyron up on the screen that read “‘Murder’ Movement”. The sheriff claimed that the notion that law enforcement is treating the African-American community worse than others in this country is a “complete lie” and that the real issue in America is the subculture of the black ghetto. This came a couple of days after Clarke told Fox News that Obama is waging a “war on police.”

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Media Matters:



Later on in the show, Kilmeade and Conservative Barbie ™ Elisabeth Hasselbeck brought on Kevin Jackson, another black conservative Fox News likes to use to help insulate them when they decide to be especially racist. In this instance, Hasselbeck asked Jackson why the “Black Lives Matter movement hasn’t been classified yet as a hate group?” Jackson agreed with the host that the group should be known as such, but it won’t be because leftists keep giving the activists money.

The conversation was interspersed with video clips of protesters marching near the Minnesota State Fair this past weekend. According to Fox, the demonstrators were advocating for violence against police officers because at one point they referred to cops as “pigs in a blanket” and that they should be fried up “like bacon.” We also got a reappearance of the “‘Murder’ Movement” chyron. Apparently, that is all the evidence conservative media needs to justify their accusations that #BlackLivesMatter is a terroristic organization directing its members to be cop killers.

Below is video of the segment, also from Media Matters:



Prior to Monday, the network had targeted the activist movement on a regular basis. Bill O’Reilly, The Five and others have all spent an ample amount of time criticizing the group and condemning it for stoking racial tension and not addressing other issues in the black community. However, with Monday morning’s segments on Fox & Friends, it seems apparent the network is launching a full-scale offensive assault on the movement and using it as a symbol to strike fear into the hearts of their old scared lily-white audience.

Justin Baragona

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