Donald Trump: I Get My Military And Foreign Policy Advice From Television Shows

Donald Trump: I Get My Military And Foreign Policy Advice From Television Shows

Going into Sunday morning’s broadcast of the super EXCLUSIVE Donald Trump interview on Meet the Press — how can any Trump interview be deemed exclusive at this point? — the main thing viewers were interested in was Trump’s discussion of illegal immigration. On Saturday, NBC released a short clip of the interview where The Donald told host Chuck Todd that all undocumented immigrants had to go, and he would make sure that they were all deported if he were President. He also pointed out that he would rescind all of President Obama’s executive orders allowing DREAMers temporary legal status and force them to leave the country as well.

However, as with all things Trump, the real estate mogul and GOP Presidential frontrunner said a lot of other crazy and batshit insane things during the sitdown conversation that would immediately disqualify any other serious candidate. Of course, since Trump’s whole appeal is that he is a moronic blowhard who revels in his simplistic bigotry and picks childish fights with every single person who criticizes him, none of what he said on Meet the Press will harm him with his legion of fanboys. Hell, it will likely bump him up a couple of more points in the GOP polls.

One of the silliest statements from Trump in Sunday’s interview — I know, I know, everything Trump does is silly — came about when Todd asked him a question about military policy. The NBC anchor wanted to know where the reality TV star was getting his military and foreign policy advice. Below is Trump’s response:

“Well, I watch the shows. I mean, I really see a lot of great– you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows and you have the generals… Yeah, probably there are two or three. I mean, I like [John] Bolton. I think he’s, you know, a tough cookie, knows what he’s talking about. [Colonel Jack] Jacobs is a good guy.”

That is a lot of crazy to digest in a short comment. One, we are told by a supposedly serious individual seeking the highest office in the land that his military advice comes from television watching. Second, he is apparently a big fan of Bolton, even though Trump has said that invading Iraq was a YUGE mistake and Bolton was one of the masterminds behind the Iraq War. Then again, Trump has now said we need to fully invade both Iraq and Iran and take all of the oil.

When asked about other foreign policy issues, Trump revealed both his ignorance and just how fucking dangerous he’d be as leader of the free world. He pushed the notion that we need to engage in a unilateral war with Iran, stated that we need to extort money from Saudi Arabia because they are too rich and stated he didn’t care of Ukraine joined NATO. But, it’s all good. You see, he told Todd that he’s a “super genius,” so we can all trust him to do the right and very great thing.

Below is video of the entire interview, courtesy of NBC News:


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