Fox News’ Eric Bolling Thinks Going To War With Iran Would Be A Swell Idea

'The Five' host joined others on the panel in ridiculing a video made by Hollywood celebrities calling for support of the Iran nuclear deal.

During Wednesday’s episode of Fox News’ Conservatism for Dummies ™ gabfest The Five, wannabe tough guy Eric Bolling reacted to Hollywood actors saying that a war with Iran would be terrible by stating with a straight face, “Why would that be a bad idea?” The conservative pundit, who like Fox & Friends’ Steve Doocy and Fox contributor Peter Johnson, Jr. serves as Fox CEO Roger Ailes’ voice on the network, also railed against the notion of dismantling all nukes, as he feels that America needs to have a huge nuclear arsenal to keep everyone else in the world in line.

The whole thing got started by weasel-faced pretend funnyman Greg Gutfeld, who ranted against the recent video by Jack Black, Morgan Freeman and others who support the Iran deal. (His monologue sounded a whole lot like sour grapes from someone who would desperately love to be part of the In Crowd.) After calling the actors who participated “Hollywood toadies” who are trying to intimidate others into embracing President Obama’s agenda, Gutfeld tossed it to the rest of the panel. Of course, as one would expect, The Five crew picked apart the video because Obama and liberal Hollywood.

However, it was Bolling that descended into some real neo-con, faux Chuck Norris bullshit by openly embracing an actual war with Iran. Bolling, who never served in the armed forces but apparently thinks watching American Sniper a few times and wearing a flag lapel pin makes him a true warrior and military expert, made fun of Jack Black for his delivery in the video when he said that a war with Iran would be “the worst idea ever.” In Bolling’s view, going to war with Iran would be a good idea, revealing that he, like many other cons, just want neverending conflict in the Middle East with America at the forefront.

The worst part about Bolling’s statement is that he didn’t face any real pushback from the other panel members. Gutfeld seemed to be taken aback right away but then showed that he was on Bolling’s side by agreeing with him that those namby-pamby limousine liberals obviously were unaware of Iranians chanting ‘Death to America’. Super awesome soldier Eric also said that America needs to have all the nukes all the time in order to keep everyone cowered and afraid.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Fox News:


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