Fox’s Eric Bolling Believes That ISIS Death Tapes Aren’t As Bad As Planned Parenthood Videos

In Bolling's world, some undercover videos of PP officials talking about fetal tissue donation is "far worse" than seeing amoral terrorists beheading people.

Whenever you are in the need for your daily dose of sanctimonious hyperbolic bullshit, there is no better place to go than Fax News’ The Five. And the ringleader of that right-wing circus, Eric Bolling, was on top of his game Tuesday afternoon as he and the crew discussed the ongoing made-up scandal surrounding Planned Parenthood. Apparently, conservatives are absolutely SHOCKED that the non-profit women’s health organization actually does something of medical value with the fetal remains after they perform abortions. The horror…THE HORROR!

Of course, most Republicans, conservatives and those who make up the Religious Right are appalled by the very nature of abortion. However, because it is the law of the land and has been since 1973, they are mostly just relegated to calling themselves pro-life, picketing abortion clinics and finding ways to make a woman’s right to choose more difficult on the state and local level. But now, they have these undercover sting videos from some anti-abortion activists showing PP officials discussing the logistics of procuring and donating fetal tissue, and it is GAME ON!

During their panel discussion, The Five talked about the latest Planned Parenthood tape that was released by the Center for Medical Progress and how it confirms just how barbaric and sadistic PP and all other abortion providers really are. Smirking asshole Greg Gutfeld got on his soapbox and made his spiel about how the use of fetal remains for medical research goes far beyond the bounds of decency and is completely and totally reprehensible. He seemed very satisfied with himself after his screed, especially as the rest of the table nodded in self-righteous agreement with him.

But Bolling in the Alpha Male on this show, and he wasn’t going to let anyone steal his thunder when it came to pious exaggeration. When it came his turn to comment, Eric claimed that the Planned Parenthood videos were “far worse” than the videos he had personally watched of ISIS militants beheading innocent victims. Yes, you read that right. The Five’s moderator and lead host declared that tapes of women speaking about abortions and discussing the use of the organs and tissue afterward were more unsettling than actually seeing people getting horribly killed. Bolling stated that the PP tapes made him “nauseous” and very upset.

You know, spare me this insincere, over-hyped, outrage over these videos. If you are pro-life and have the view that every life begins at conception and deserves a chance to be born, fine. But don’t pretend like you didn’t know abortion was a messy procedure. And don’t get all faux upset that PP or other abortion clinics were utilizing the tissue for medical research. This is all just a way to get the right pissed off on the abortion issue all over again just in time for the 2016 elections. It is cynically transparent, and these kinds of performances make it more obvious.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Media Matters:



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