CNN’s Anderson Cooper Says Donald Trump Is “Impervious To Facts” Because Racists Love Him

During a discussion on 'New Day' regarding his Trump interview, Cooper said Trump fans don't care if he has no proof behind his many spurious claims.

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper appeared on New Day Thursday morning to talk about the interview he conducted with draft-dodging birther and GOP Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. During the interview, which was aired Wednesday evening in primetime, Cooper did his level best to get The Donald to provide specifics on his policies and proof of the various claims he’s made over the past couple of months, specifically that Mexico is purposely sending criminals and rapists into the United States. As Cooper told New Day’s Chris Cuomo, Trump has nothing to back up his boasts, but that doesn’t matter one bit to his supporters.

With Cooper sitting in the panel, New Day ran a portion of the interview where Cooper tried to get the former reality TV star to offer any kind of substantial proof that Mexico’s leaders are pushing their unwanted criminals into the U.S. so they don’t have to deal with them. As the segment showed, Cooper kept trying to bring it back to actual proof or documentation of Trump’s nefarious claims. However, the Trumpster kept deflecting, saying we might see that proof in the near future, but right now we just need to trust him and the other smart and streetwise people who know this because it is merely common sense.

After playing video of the interview, Cooper and Cuomo spoke about whether or not Trump has any facts to back anything up, and if that will hurt him in the long run. Cooper stated that it is obvious the real estate mogul has absolutely no proof that Mexico’s government is involved in a lengthy mission to unload rapists and drug dealers on America because if he did, he’d be waving it around for all to see. When Cuomo said he was glad that Cooper kept pushing Trump on the facts, Cooper responded that he doesn’t think it means shit to his fanboys, mostly because they’re racists who love his rhetoric.

“But what’s interesting is, I think he’s in many ways impervious to facts. I don’t say that in a disrespectful way.

“You can present him with all the facts, you can present him with, ‘Well, you haven’t presented any facts,’ and he, well I don’t think among his supporters that really matters at this stage of the game. Maybe later on in the race when he’s on the stage against other folks from the GOP, and they are citing studies, he’s going to have to. But at this point, it doesn’t seem to be hurting him.”

It should be noted that, per PolitiFact, Donald Trump has yet to say something that is entirely true when discussing political matters or policy. Since 2011, when he was kicking the tires on a possible White House run and was pushing his Obama birther shit, PolitiFact has examined 28 public statements of Trump’s and found that two of them are Mostly True, three of them are Half True, and the remaining statements are partially or completely false, including six that they rated as Pants On Fire.

And, just like Cooper stated, it doesn’t mean jackshit to a segment of our voting population. They love him because he says highly offensive and bigoted crap that they just can’t get enough of.

Below is video of the New Day segment, courtesy of Raw Story:


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