Are You Serious? CNN And MSNBC Cut Away From Sandra Bland Press Conference To Cover Trump

In the middle of a highly anticipated news conference on Sandra Bland's autopsy results, the two networks switched over to Donald Trump speaking at the border.

You know, you expect this kinda shit from Fox News, but you still try to hold out hope that CNN and MSNBC still have at least a smidgen of journalistic integrity left. Well, they said fuck it on Thursday afternoon as both networks cut away from a highly anticipated press conference in which Sandra Bland’s autopsy results were going to be discussed so they could give us coverage of walking insult generator Donald Trump speaking to reporters at the Mexico/U.S. border.

Yes, Trump had revealed earlier in the week that he was going to make a trip to the border in Laredo, Texas, in order to talk to border patrol agents and continue to keep his name at the top of the 24-hour news cycle. However, earlier in the day Thursday, the border patrol union pulled out of the event, as they didn’t want to give the appearance that they were endorsing Trump’s candidacy. Therefore, he was merely going down to the border to grandstand and say the same stupid bullshit he’s said over the past few weeks.

Despite the fact that Trump has likely hit critical mass on press coverage and even the gawkers and old fucks sitting in their recliners are starting to get sick of the all trump all the time, both CNN and MSNBC decided they needed to go live to cover him even though a real news even was unfurling before their cameras. (Fox wasn’t covering the Sandra Bland conference because, you know, she was a black lady that had it coming.) Criticism of the two networks’ decision was immediate on Twitter:



Eventually, both networks cut back to the presser, but the damage was done. They both proved they are just interested in salaciousness and tabloid bullshit, which is what Trump’s campaign is all about. And you wonder why the Black Lives Matter crowd is so vigilant with its message. It is because of crap like this.


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