Hillary Clinton’s CNN Interview Brings Out All Of The Conservative Trolls On Twitter

After Clinton gave her first interview as a Presidential candidate Tuesday evening, right-wingers took to Twitter to trash her and her performance.

Democratic Presidential candidate and former First Lady Hillary Clinton finally gave an actual interview to a network when she appeared on CNN Tuesday evening. Sitting down with Brianna Keillar, Clinton answered some questions, evaded others, and basically changed no opinions towards her or her campaign. If you were a Hillary fan going into the interview, and felt that she’s been the victim of Republicans trying to smear her with fake controversies, then you remained so after the program. If you hated Hillary based on a myriad of reasons — she’s too liberal, she’s not transparent, she’s aloof, she’s too conservative, she’s in the pocket of Wall Street — nothing she said (or didn’t say) made you change your mind.

After the interview had concluded, CNN provided a nicely condensed, 4-minute version of the sit-down conversation. You can check it out below:



The one thing that Hillary’s first interview as a 2016 White House hopeful did provide was an opportunity for conservatives to take to Twitter and absolutely shit all over Clinton and her campaign. Regardless of what occurred in the highly-anticipated program, they were going to do it. However, with many Democrats starting to shift their allegiance to Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, and Hillary’s performance coming across as somewhat icy and evasive, the conditions were perfect for far-right Twitter users to hijack the #HillaryonCNN hashtag and make it a trending topic based almost solely on conservative opinion.

Below are some of the more noteworthy tweets from Hillary haters in the feed:


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