CNN’s Jake Tapper To Donald Trump: “What’s Traditional About Being Married Three Times?”

CNN’s Jake Tapper To Donald Trump: “What’s Traditional About Being Married Three Times?”

During an interview that appeared on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday, host Jake Tapper trapped half-orangutan Donald Trump regarding his position that he is for “traditional marriage” and opposed to gays and lesbians having the right to marry. The always tough Tapper decided to go right for the kill by asking Trump about his multiple marriages and if that fits into the definition of traditional marriage.  Trump stammered when pressed on whether or not it is hypocritical for him to lecture about the sanctity of marriage with his personal history.

The interview actually took place before the Supreme Court’s landmark decision on Friday ruling same-sex marriage legal across the nation. (Trump was supposed to appear last Sunday but got bumped due to the ongoing Charleston story.) Tapper teased the segment prior to the show’s broadcast Sunday morning by playing a clip that showed the back and forth between the two over gay marriage. Trump’s major defense regarding his previous divorces but his adherence to the tenets of traditional marriage — he works too hard.

Below is video of the clip, courtesy of Raw Story:



As you can see in the clip, Trump did admit that critics do have a point when claiming that he really can’t say anything due to his own series of divorces, which flies in the face of so-called tradition. However, he quickly tried to turn it around and say he has a “great marriage now” and that the other marriages, which were also great, only fell apart because of his extreme work ethic. Tapper tried to bring him back to the original question but The Donald merely brushed it off by essentially saying “Fuck it! I’m just for traditional marriage, alrite!”

Once again, this is an actual candidate for the highest office in the land. A reality TV star who has filed for bankruptcy four times but is running on his record of business success is, of course, rising in the polls among Republicans. Why? Because he is tapping into GOP voters’ inner bigot. He’ll talk shit about Mexicans, calling them rapists and murderers. He’ll make sure he’s against gay marriage. He’ll demonize blacks. He’ll say as much Islamophobic bullshit as he sees fit. It is all just pandering to the base of the GOP base. And it will resonate with some.

Justin Baragona

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