Fox News Hosts Are Super Concerned That Obama Is Going To Use N-Word In State Of The Union

After President Obama discussed racism with Marc Maron on his podcast, 'Fox & Friends' suggested he'd use the N-word indiscriminately.

During Monday’s broadcast of Fox & Friends, both life-size Conservative Barbie ™ Elisabeth Hasselbeck and goofy smile connoisseur Steve Doocy expressed concern that President Obama would drop the N-word during a State of the Union address or joint session of Congress due to his using it on a podcast with comedian Marc Maron. In an honest conversation about racism during Maron’s ‘WTF’ podcast, Obama used “nigger” in context when talking about the real-life consequences of bigotry and racism in this country. It presented a perfect opportunity for Fox’s white outrage machine to get cranking Monday morning.

In a discussion with Fox News anchor Bret Baier, Hasselbeck made the claim that since Obama felt comfortable saying the word during a podcast, he may just start using it willy-nilly and subject the country to it during his next SOTU. In response to Baier saying Obama has a unique perspective on racism due to being the first African-American president, Hasselbeck said, “I think many people are wondering if it’s only there that he would say it. And not, perhaps, in a State of the Union or more public address if he’s only doing this because he’s in the — quote — podcast, that he felt safe to do it there.”

Mmmmm, that is the good stuff right there. That pure, uncut, Colombian, Fox stupidity that just goes right to the cerebral cortex. Fox viewers have to be careful when taking that in large doses due to its potency.

Later on in the show, during a “frank discussion” on racism, Doocy doubled down on Hasselbeck’s remarks, once again pointing out that POTUS may blurt out the word in front of Congress. This was during a conversation with two black talk radio hosts, one liberal and one conservative. (Seriously, is it just me or does every black conservative in this nation work in media or politics and somehow find their way to Fox News?) After right-wing talker David Webb claimed that the United States has defeated racism, Doocy said, “Is it okay for him to stand in the briefing room in the White House and do it, in front of a joint session of Congress with State of the Union? Should he use that word there if he wants to talk about racism?”

Num num num num. Just gobble it up and let the warm buzz of idiocy wash over you.

Below is video of the two segments, courtesy of Raw Story:


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