Fox News Anchor Upset That White People Can’t Say N-Word But President Obama Can

Fox News Anchor Upset That White People Can’t Say N-Word But President Obama Can

Well, that didn’t take long at all. Following up on the faux outrage displayed earlier that day on Fox & Friends, America’s Newsroom anchor Bill Hemmer portrayed himself as a victim when it came to President Obama using the N-word in context during an appearance on comedian Marc Maron’s ‘WTF’ podcast. In a segment with two African-American guests, Hemmer said that as “a white American” he had always been told that the use of “nigger” was off limits and now he is confused because “now you have the President using it!”

Hemmer brought on Deneen Borelli, a conservative author and Fox News contributor, and Basil Smikle, Jr, a writer for The Hill. Borelli has bought herself a little bit of notoriety in the cottage industry of black conservatives who rail against Obama. She was on hr game Monday morning, as she made sure to call Obama the “Rapper-In-Chief” and criticized him for his “gutter speak” and dragging the prestige of his office down. Thankfully for Hemmer and Borelli, Smikle was an ineffectual guest, as he was seemingly overwhelmed and actually misrepresented what the President said and the message he was truly conveying.

The Fox News anchor took the baton from Borelli and added his own bit of white victimization into the mix. Obviously taking cues from his Fox higher-ups, as this is likely going to be THE talking point of the day and perhaps week, Hemmer pointed out that white people have always been told that this word just cannot be said under any circumstances. Yet, how are we supposed to feel if the President of the United States uses it? If he can say it, why can’t anyone else in this country? Does this mean we can start using it again? And, what about rap music? WHAT ABOUT THE RAPPERS?

Anyway, this is the type of deliberate obtuseness that Fox engages in on a daily basis under the guise of debate and “honest discourse.” In reality, it is just a way to enrage their viewers with their daily dose of conservative outrage and Obama Derangement Syndrome. Having a singular topic like this does two things — it distracts from the real issue at hand and it keeps their old angry audience tuned in all day because they know the next hour will include more hot takes on the topic.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Media Matters:


Justin Baragona

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