Of Course Fox News’ Steve Doocy Doesn’t Think Charleston Shooting Was A Hate Crime

Of Course Fox News’ Steve Doocy Doesn’t Think Charleston Shooting Was A Hate Crime

The morning after a horrific shooting by a young white assailant that took the lives of nine black churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina, Fox & Friends co-host and eternally bemused Jell-O mold Steve Doocy disagreed with the notion that an obviously race-based killing should be investigated as a hate crime. In at least two different segments Thursday morning, Doocy brought on two of Fox’s token black contributors to bolster his narrative that the shooting may have had more to do with the victims’ religion than their skin color.

To begin the stupid, perpetually failed political candidate E.W. Jackson came on to discuss how race probably wasn’t the issue and if this is going to be investigated as a hate crime, perhaps the feds need to look more towards the victims’ Christianity and see this killing as a salvo in the destructive “War on Christians.”

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Media Matters:



Obviously, it didn’t matter to Doocy or Jackson that as they were spewing this nonsense, reports had already been out that the perpetrator, now identified as 21-year-old Dylann Storm Roof, had told the victims that he was killing them because they were black. Even with that info being reported, and the further knowledge that the feds were investigating it as a hate crime based on race, Doocy continued his mission to portray the awful tragedy as something not racially motivated.

The hosts brought on Dr. Alveda King to further Doocy’s little duty to bust wide the fallacy of hate crimes and race-based killings. King, niece of MLK, has been used by Fox recently to shield themselves from accusations that they only present the white point of view. Of course, like Jackson and other tokens on Fox, King merely presents the conservative white view in a convenient brown packaging, making your drunk racist uncle feel better about himself and his bigotry.

According the both Doocy and King, there is no such thing as a hate crime. Hate doesn’t have a color, per King, therefore this isn’t a hate crime. It is just a crime. (We also got the whole “black on black crime” meme, just for good measure.) Below is the clip, courtesy of Fox News:



Fox News, your number one network with racists!

Justin Baragona

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