Watch Four Conservative Dudes Explain How Feminism Makes Women Unhappy

Watch Four Conservative Dudes Explain How Feminism Makes Women Unhappy

Conservative media personality Ben Shapiro sat down with three other men to discuss feminism on the Daily Wire Backstage. The Wire’s own Jeremy Boreing, described in the video’s description as a ‘god-king’, led the conversation about how feminism has made women unhappy.

Sitting in armchairs in what appears to be a ‘man cave’, Boreing, Shapiro and two others launched into what they must have believed was an intellectual discussion about modern women. Two of the guests were smoking cigars, one suitably dressed in a smoking jacket and wearing a Stars and Stripes bow tie.

Boreing started by discussing women in the Bible and accused feminists of hating God and wanting to fight against God identifying as masculine. Boreing defended the ‘biblical view of feminity’, while Shapiro described women in the Bible as ‘bad asses.’

The conversation moved from the Bible to women in Westerns to how much the men in the room ‘hate feminism’ Shapiro was keen to point out that he meant he hated Second and Third Wave Feminism and was not against women voting, but the others were not so sure, laughing about their potential opposition to it.

During a brief discussion about the Industrial Revolution, one cigar-smoking guest suggested that all freedoms women enjoy are as a result of male inventions. No mention was made of the long struggle for a woman’s right to vote or continuing discrimination in the workplace.

“The best invention in the history of women was marriage,” Ben Shapiro said. “It is the single best invention in the history of women. It’s the first thing the feminists tried to murder.”

“They’ve made women unhappy,” Shapiro said, citing a study. “[I]n the era of abortion and radical feminism and women’s rights and ra-ra me too, that female happiness has gone down markedly across western civilisation.”


Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.