This Is A Man’s World: If The GOP Dislikes Women, Why Are They Hiding Behind One?

This Is A Man’s World:  If The GOP Dislikes Women, Why Are They Hiding Behind One?

There are only 100 US Senators at any one time.

Of those current 100, as of 2018, there are only 21 who are female. Of those 23, 16 are Democrat. The remaining six are Republican. Of those six competent, female Senators, there were seemingly none available to ask questions of the Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. The prosecutor, Rachel Mitchell, the male Republican forces found was out of Arizona, with a history of prosecuting sex crimes.

This would be awesome — if the hearing was in Arizona!

This legal outsourcing is touted by the male Senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee. They see this as being thorough while giving Dr. Ford respect for her testimony and preserving her integrity. There is nothing wrong with competent women being brought in to aid in a situation. However, were there no competent women in the D.C. area/Capitol Hill/US Senate to help with this task? Couldn’t these male senators, being the bastions of morality, ask a woman questions? Could that not be done by either Senator Collins or Senator Murkowski?

I am confused by the frenzy the Republican party is in right now. From this hearing on Thursday, it would seem that the consolidation of power is all they want. The appointment of Kavanaugh as the ninth justice would consolidate that influence for at least another generation. With the obstruction of Merrick Garland, it is only fitting this confirmation appear as ornery as it seems. It is of no consequence Dr. Ford may be telling the truth; Brett Kavanaugh may just not be suitable for presiding over legal issue of national importance. I mean, he did scream at members of the US Senate. That doesn’t bode well for the even temperament those in a judicial capacity are supposed to maintain.

The most interesting thing is the dystopian Wizard of OZ situation happening with this hearing. We know in the classic movie, Dorothy, Toto and the other cast of characters make it back to the Emerald City after the defeat of the Wicked Witch of The West. From their victory, they demand their reward–but told by the imposing figure of the Wizard to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Rachel Mitchell is the illusion of power.

The frantic male GOP is the man behind the curtain.

Rachel Mitchell has been brought in to give the veneer of respectability. Her allegiance is to the same party, and her profession lends itself to a certain type of logic. This logic is based in critical-thinking, specializing in dissection of lies and fact. Her logic, like most prosecutors, is meant to be focused. Even rhythmic. With the goal being to build cases or destroy fallacies. In the portion of the hearing seen today, it is apparent why the Senate Judiciary Committee chose her. Ms. Mitchell was a pit bull on a choke chain. From the questions being asked, the equal reaction from the counsel for Dr. Ford, she was brought in to do dirty work. With the vote being set for Friday, it is with her duty of performance whether or not the GOP will indeed have their guy.

This exchange reminded me of kids that get in trouble at school or in their local neighborhoods. They start a fight, can’t win the fight and run home! In running home, they tell their mom just enough to get her on their side. They tell her what the other side did; how unfair it was; and how the other people are so mean. Their mom then asks, “What do you need me to do?” Knowing they have her full attention, they make their demands. Dutifully armed with half-truths, they set off to set right everything her child has messed up.

The dream of a conservative United States Supreme Court is within grasp. This is the goal of the conservative Republican long game. Nothing else matters! Brown children in cages don’t matter. An entire city without clean water doesn’t matter. Renegade police murdering citizens doesn’t matter. A president who has no idea how the nation’s government runs and may be in the pocket of a vicious foreign power doesn’t matter! What does matter? Power and the tools by which that power is wielded.

This hearing further shows women are tools for the Republican Party. Things to be pulled, arranged or outsourced to do the dirty work they don’t want to be involved with. Things are of no value once they have served a designated purpose. In having the Supreme Court more conservative, the goal of slowly stripping away other individual rights is in sight. Especially, the possible repealing of Roe v. Wade. Besides, there are people who have paid good money for that. It is time for a return and that investment. By any means necessary.

If this means a woman was the instrument to do that? Fine. Women are only a means to an end.


Jennifer P. Harris

Jennifer P. Harris

Jennifer P. Harris is a lifelong St. Louis, Missouri resident, married mother of two, and founder of the blog The Ideal Firestarter ( since December 2016. She is a freelance writer, and contributor to the blog Write To Life. She is an independent author of several books available on Amazon, including the poetry series Love Songs Of the Unrequited, and her newest release, Writelife.