Ted Nugent Bans Firearms From Concert, Creating Gun-Free Zone He Says Is A ‘Disaster’

Ted Nugent Bans Firearms From Concert, Creating Gun-Free Zone He Says Is A ‘Disaster’

Die-hard Trump supporter and NRA board member Ted Nugent, who also happens to be a classic rock performer who tours the country playing somewhat recognizable songs from the ’70s, made the last-minute decision Tuesday night to ban guns from his Virginia concert.

Nugent, who has said gun-free zones are a recipe for disaster, and his management cited safety concerns due to possible protests of the show as the reason to inform fans that they could not carry their firearms into the Roanoke venue, per Berglund Center General Manager Robyn Schon.

“It happened about five minutes before we opened doors, we had a security meeting before we opened doors and the subject came up and we said, ‘Yes people will be bringing firearms,'” Schon told WSLS 10 News.

“Uh, no, our agreement says no,” Schon claimed Nugent’s management said in response.

From the WSLS report:

It was Ted Nugent’s management that made the decision to not allow guns into the show. The Berglund Center said because it is city owned, it can’t keep guns out unless the performers are the ones who request it, and that it was actually in Nugent’s contract all along, but was in a sub-contract between Nugent and his promoter that wasn’t shared with Berglund Center management until the last minute.

Schon further noted that Nugent’s security was taking “extra precautions” due to events that have happened at other venues like Pulse and Manchester. Police stated there were no credible threats but pointed out that the concert had drawn attention from gun control activists who planned to protest.

During the show, Nugent took a shot at local resident Andy Parker, whose journalist daughter and colleague were shot and killed by a co-worker in 2015. Parker had protested Nugent’s upcoming show earlier in the month and had purchased an ad calling Nugent a “draft-dodging, race-baiting has-been.”

“This is dedicated to everybody, including those dumb motherfuckers that were protesting me because they’re still grieving,” Nugent told the crowd, per The Roanoke Times. “When you lose a loved one, we pray for you when you lose a loved one. We all prayed for him, didn’t we? How the fuck do you hate the Nugent family when we’re praying for you? You dumb fucks.”

He continued, “So go ahead and protest, because the freedom of speech allows you to let the whole world know just what a piece of shit you are. What the fuck. So you know what? I’m gonna pray for him anyway. Because I’ve lost friends, and I grieve.”

Nugent has a habit of going after victims and survivors of gun violence and their families, especially when they call for increased gun control or reform. Earlier this year, he called the Parkland survivors poor pathetic liars who have no soul, comments he would later say he stood by.

Meanwhile, a parent of one of the Parkland victims took to Twitter Wednesday to call Nugent a hypocrite for barring guns from his concert.

Watch the news clip below, via WSLS 10 News.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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