Liberalism: Because The GOP Debate Proves Conservatism is Empty

Liberalism: Because The GOP Debate Proves Conservatism is Empty

I have previously written that Conservatism is a sham, a hoax, and economic hubris. And the most recent GOP Debate proved me right.

The debate was filled with empty promises, flawed understanding of government and economics, and the bluster of a major political party entirely unqualified to lead anything, let alone the United States of America.

I watched the whole debate, and this is my running response to the circus show:

Trump says America is behind in failing in EVERY category. Really? America’s economy is $7 TRILLION dollars bigger than the second strongest economy in the world, and America’s military is unfathomably stronger than every other military in the world.

It is not a diss on America if China’s economy surpasses ours. It’s literally inevitable. China has four times the population of America, so China clearly will eventually surpass us. The only reason their economy has been so small is due to the results of inept imperial governance, civil wars, and unfathomable economic mismanagement throughout the Mao era. Regardless, even when China’s GDP equals ours, it means that China’s people will have a quarter of our per capita income. Therefore, if China catches up to America, their people will still be 75% poorer than Americans per capita. Republicans act like China’s remarkable growth is at the expense of America, but in 1970 China’s GDP was around 90 billion dollars. It had nowhere to go but up and quickly go up.

Interest rates below the historical average are good for small businesses. Low interest rates means that small businesses and individuals can borrow at extremely low rates. It’s really easy to start a business or expand corporations when your loan payments are near or even below the inflation rate. It also helps the government because countries who buy our debt at ridiculously low interest rates don’t have to be paid high interest payments. Who does low interest rates hurt? Super rich people who want to hoard their money, and the increasingly huge banks that make the loans to small businesses and individuals.

Jeb Bush promises 4% growth. What a goal! For America, that would basically involve adding the economy of a Sweden or a Poland to our economy every year. Good luck. But the strong thing is that all the Republican candidates claim their budget plans will create jobs and lead to economic prosperity. Some of these candidates even actual Congressmen! What is stopping them from actually bringing their carefully crafted economic plans to Congress? Why aren’t they publicly urging Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan to bring their budget plans to a Congressional vote? Wouldn’t it help their campaign if right before the election they could prove their ideas already worked?

Illegal immigration does not hurt our economy. Mexicans pay sales taxes on everything they buy and do not receive any government benefits because they generally cannot register for them, on account of being illegal. Illegal Mexicans actually prop up entire economic industries that would collapse in their absence.The only way illegal Mexicans hurt our economy is by taking our dollars and sending them to Mexico, though since they’re not exactly compensated with equal pay for equal work, so the effect of this is relatively minimal.

President Obama struggled for months trying to get a few million people to voluntarily sign up for subsidized health care that they did not have, how on Earth will Trump organize a VOLUNTEER mass deportation of 12 million people who will have to leave their lives and families forever?

Lowering social benefits to the elderly is immoral, and most Americans don’t save enough money for retirement anyway. This is why the government felt the need to create social programs for the elderly in the first place.

Ted Cruz says that no other sovereign nation grants amnesty. Most countries don’t have millions of undocumented people, especially prior to the Middle Eastern exodus Europe is facing now. But, sympathetically, many nations in Europe are helping refugees get situated. A large population of undocumented workers is a relatively unique American problem and one in which Republicans do not concern themselves with proposals of compassionate naturalization. Amnesty is inevitable because our society would break down if we deported 12 million people who work jobs most Americans do not want to do. And the real kicker is that illegal citizens work shitty jobs for much lower wages than the average American would accept. Even if Americans could unrealistically replace the illegal immigrants a Republican president would deport, the cost of living would rise dramatically as wages and, subsequently, prices rise dramatically, too.

Fiorina: “I have led highly innovative businesses”….into the ground. Many HP workers feel Fiorina ruined the company’s competitiveness, employee morale, and corporate soul.

Government regulators don’t do their jobs, as Fiorina claims, because Republicans pass laws to end government regulation and prevent regulators them from doing their jobs. Then Republicans criticize regulators for the failure they made inevitable.

Dear Fiorina, if you care about the problems Obamacare solves, then you have to give an alternative. The absence of an actual alternative gets rid of the things that you yourself admit helps people, like Obamacare’s high risk pools. The free market was not benevolent to people with pre-existing conditions before Obamacare was instituted, and certainly won’t be in the future if Obamacare is repealed.

Ben Carson calls for a flat tax rate of 10%, like a Tithe tax. What a perfect plan to starve the government beast and leave poor, sick, disabled, mentally ill, old and young people in the streets.

Money is not necessarily better spent in the private sector than the public sector. Public sector spending failures are just more visible than in the private sector because almost all government accounts are documented and evaluated by the government’s own regulators, the press, and regular citizens. No one keeps tabs on every private business, and thousands go bankrupt every year from poor fiscal management anyway. The government, by nature of a public institution, is far more transparent than a private corporation would ever agree to be.

Dear Ted Cruz and Ben Carson, the Bible is a book of ancient theology, not an economic manifesto of free market capitalism. The IRS tax code has to ensure that one of the biggest governments in the history of the world effectively gets taxes from extremely different methods of income from several hundred million different people and tens of thousands of businesses while allowing for as many conceivable contingencies possible.

Also, Fiorina has repeatedly promoted her idea of having a three-page tax code, and it’s stupid. A city of 10,000 people could not have a three-page tax code, let alone the biggest economy in the history of the world.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade deal is arguably more about cementing relationships with Asian countries surrounding China than actual free trade. America already has free trade deals with many of the countries involved. The economic side of the plan is more for Asian countries, as East Asia is one of the last regions of the world without intensive cross-nation economic partnerships. It’s also a political and economic containment policy of Chinese influence more than an actual concern for American businesses. This deal is also extremely opportunistic for America because before the TPP Asian countries have not wanted to join trade deals in fear that China would dominate them economically, so the TPP is successfully offering America a foot in the door by helping connect Asian economies while maintaining its place as a leader in the Pacific. It’s by and large a “fuck you” to China, who is not a part of the deal and is trying to usurp America’s role in Asia.

If I had a week, I could not finish explaining why the gold standard is stupid. We got off the gold standard twice for very important reasons, one of those times being the exacerbation of the Great Depression. The proof is in the stimulus packages that W. Bush and Obama passed, and they are why America has recovered faster than Europe has with their austerity measures. Economist Paul Krugman is right; boastfully know-nothing Republican politicians are wrong.

Rubio’s idea that all 300 million Americans can start a business and employ lots of people in a big successful company is a Ponzi scheme. And it is kind of a stupid idea anyway that most people are even capable of starting a business, let alone want to start a business. The vast majority of people are content to work for someone else and enjoy their free time. Most people aren’t necessarily lazy, but you don’t have to be lazy not to want to start a business, especially as most businesses fail anyway. Often times it’s rational, logical, and wise not to start a new business and throw away what you have already.

Kasich is right, Republicans need rational budget balance with their tax cuts. Though good luck getting a Republican to be delicate with the budget scalpel: the 2012 Republican presidential field was overwhelmingly against agreeing to even a 10-1 tax cut/spending increase “compromise.” To Republicans, rational balancing acts go against the purposeful destruction of the budget intended to force Democrats to end their beloved social programs, in what can only be considered adding insult to injury.

Yes, we’ve only grown an average of around 2% annually under Obama, but because Obama inherited a terrible economy. This 2% is certainly better than the negative growth in GDP that the country was seeing throughout Bush’s last year in office. Democrats create more growth with economic stimulus than Republicans are able to save money with conservatism. President Obama’s economic policies have worked, and worked better than European conservatism, though not as well as people would want. But Republicans are ideologically opposed to government stimulus, and they did not allow for enough economic aid in order to recover from the Great Recession faster.

Ted Cruz promises economic growth with magical abandon, and Jeb Bush wildly promises a whopping growth of 4%, meaning that the US would add the full GDP of Sweden, every year. But we ALREADY have growth, so Republicans’ vows of GDP gain are not an actual improvement.

It might not follow Republican ideology, but government spending actually is a huge contributor to economic growth. America has a government budget of several trillion dollars, and it spends every last dollar in its budget and more. So as far as GDP calculations go, the federal government is actually the biggest contributor to the total GDP because the government pays hundreds of companies billions of dollars, it pays its employees who spend their money, it invests in new technology, etc.

Jeb Bush vows to overturn everything President Obama has done: Internet protections, clean power, the Clean Waters Act, etc.… Jeb wants to go back to the economic glory days of 2008. Hate to break it to you, Jeb, but President Obama was elected twice to clean up the mess that America overwhelmingly considered the W. Bush Administration to be. And let’s remember, the Bush Administration was a clumsy drunk stumbling into scandal after scandal, and the oligarchic corruption with which Bush’s executive branch turned a blind eye led to the Great Recession. The effects of the recession are blamed on Obama, but by any conceivable metric—GDP growth, deficit reduction, job growth, the stock exchange, healthcare insurance—our economy is significantly healthier than it was on Obama’s inauguration day.

Moderator: Fiorina, how do you respond when Clinton says Democrats raise more jobs than Republicans?

Fiorina: *Tells an anecdotal story to say that some lady somewhere is afraid of the government*

Carson: People who know me know I am an honest person.

Me, the Audience: Oh, wow, he said he has personal references, he MUST be honest.

Trump is a sportsman of politics.

Trump is also the closest candidate to being a fascist. He says laws matter for illegal Mexicans but in the past has openly admitted to political bribery, and references this quid pro quo bribery as his qualification for fixing the broken government he helped cripple.

Given Trump’s lack of political experience, it’s no wonder he knows nothing about how the government works. How exactly will he beat China? We import so much from China because it is cheap, and it makes good business sense for American companies to have their products made cheaply in China. A big reason the Chinese are able to keep the Yuan so weak next to the dollar is because their fiscal management is so solid, they have trillions of surplus capital to do with as they see fit. Can you blame them for continuing to buy American debt to keep the dollar strong against the Yuan so that trade and dollars keep coming in?

And there is nothing legal Trump could do about this. A few ways we could try and stop American companies from buying cheap Chinese products is to make Chinese imports illegal, to make it illegal for China to buy American debt, or to manipulate our own currency to make the dollar drastically weaker against the Chinese Yuan… all of which would themselves be illegal under World Trade Organization (WTO) rules. Under the WTO, you cannot implement capital controls.

Meanwhile, we explicitly enforce against capital controls in other countries, and it would be super hypocritical for America to suddenly start doing that. Fun fact: we did do this in the 80’s to Japan because Japanese cars were selling so well in America after American car companies ruined their reputations throughout the 60’s and 70’s by selling cars purposely designed to break easily so that people would have to keep buying new cars.

Because Japanese cars then sold like hotcakes, America bitched that Japanese success was unfair, even though this is the goal of capitalism: to capture the market with superior products. Reagan’s solution (unfair by WTO predecessor GATT rules) was to pressure Japan to stop selling so many cars in America, so Japan, to avoid a whiny shit show, voluntarily decided to put export quotas on how many Japanese cars were imported into America… because America complained that capitalism was killing its car market.

Prior to the WTO, America often put import quotas on successful foreign companies that were better than American companies in order to protect American jobs. The effect was that a lot of foreign companies smarted up, and, rather than exporting goods to America which involved tons of legal paperwork and maneuvering complex trade quota laws, they decided to build their factories in America so that even if the profits were going overseas at least the factories were creating American jobs. This is why we have huge Kia, Hyundai and Honda manufacturing plants in Southern Right-to-Work states: so that America would stop bitching at South Korea and Japanese companies for taking away American jobs by out-competing us.

Of course, America’s protectionism toward its car companies goes completely against the philosophy of free trade, and squashes the neoliberal myth that America became the biggest economy through free trade economic policies. Consequently, free trade can do little for developing markets of the Third-World other than neo-colonialize them. This is one reason among thousands why neoliberalism is bad: it prevents domestic industry growth in the Third-World because western companies will always be able to out-compete unprotected, baby industries of banana republics.

Ted Cruz never interrupts anyone. He is the MasterDebater, a genius debate champion. He lets opponents sabotage themselves, and lies in wait like a spider ready to pounce with a stunning blitzkrieg of logical, if irrelevant, argument.

Cruz is interesting because he has no vision for America other than to defeat all of his debating opponents in this election. He is attempting to conquer his Republican debate opponents and his Republican Senate colleagues by claiming that he alone tells the truth. The only reason he has support is because he is perhaps the most vocally consistent about smearing President Obama out of the remaining main stage candidates, going so far as to routinely smear the President as the “world’s leading financier of Islamic terrorism.” Cruz’s platform offers little other than undoing everything Obama has done over the last eight years. That’s not a presidential vision, and it’s why he is not outraged when large quantities of debate time goes by without him getting to talk. He has no grand ideas that he is desperate to articulate to the American people. The MasterDebator simply lies in wait, watching his debating opponents beat each other up and doing his work for him.

Everyone Google “Ted Cruz” and click his campaign’s top billing advertisement so his campaign money will go to Google.

Ted Cruz’s folksiness about granny getting pushed off a cliff got no response.

Ted Cruz reveals the strategy: Don’t EVER let Mexicans become citizens because they won’t be Republican and Republicans will lose elections. It’s better to spend unimaginable money forcibly deporting millions of people, breaking up families and crippling our economy than letting Congress accurately represent the people living in America.

Fiorina says that Obamacare is failing, and that it is crony capitalism. …Obamacare is not failing, and it is only flawed because Republicans fought it tooth and nail, setting out to make it fail rather than trying to make it work for the people the Republicans are supposedly concerned about. At this point, “Obamacare-is-a-failure” is an empty talking point cliché because reformed healthcare did not ruin our economy, nor did it leave everyone jobless like Republicans promised it would. And Fiorina says that her alternative plan would be to set up governmental, high-risk pools for people immorally kicked out of their insurance plans. Obamacare ALREADY does this, so her plan is apparently to repeal Obamacare in order to flip her middle finger at Obama, and then to re-legislate Obamacare because it actually works and is needed reform.

Republicans argue that government needs to be privatized, but privatization just moves the money from public bureaucracy to private corporations. It’s the same money, it’s just that taxpayer money goes to a different place, and taxpayers become consumers. The government then metamorphoses from a public organization into a private company. Democratic government, like we have now, is for the people, whereas corporate government, like Republicans romanticize, is for the titans of capitalism. This privatization of the public good is how a corporate dystopia starts.

Conservatism is flat out wrong because when you privatize government you are not necessarily decreasing government. As an example, when the Bush Administration privatized particular government services, the government technically shrank, but the same amount of tax dollars still was being spent. It was just being earned by a private company rather than a government employee.

Privatization is not beneficial for citizens because, theoretically, governmental workers are held more accountable than private contractors. After all, a government can fire bad government workers and bureaucrats amidst public outcry, but democratic outrage really does not have much control over the interworking of a private contracting company, especially since private companies have few requirements of transparency thanks to Republicans. Rand Paul popularly supports a government so small that you can’t see it, and this absurd figure of speech would likely necessitate even less transparency than already exists if a laissez-faire Republican wins in 2016. The governmental policies of blissful regulatory ignorance that Republicans are pushing directly led to both the Great Depression and Great Recession.

Privatizing the government effectively, while still looking out for public interests, is impossible unless the government maintains oversight of the private companies providing public services, and that is only done with governmental regulations and regulators, and then you are neither decreasing government spending nor government employees, and you still have the regulations that Republicans despise. This whole idea tends to get lost in the weeds of ill-examined economic politics.

Carson thinks that charities can handle all of society’s problems. When in the 6,000 years of recorded history have the rich provided for the poor? If the government were not paying for Medicare, who would? Sheldon Adelson? The Koch brothers? Donald Trump? They are all campaigning to lower taxes and screw over anyone depending on government aid. And what is keeping charities right now from solving all or some of society’s problems? Republicans argue that if people weren’t taxed so much they would donate more to charities, but isn’t the reason that they don’t want to be taxed in the first place because they want to keep more of their money? And the billionaires wanting to keep more of their money ALREADY have more than enough money to lavishly finance charity organizations but they are not doing it. Conservatism is a sham.

Rand Paul says he can balance the budget in five years with a 14% tax rate. Mathematically there is no rational or moral method to balance the budget within five years, unless you’re talking about eliminating some huge percentage of the budget willie-nillie…Which actually is what Rand Paul probably wants to do.

The idea that no one wants to pay more taxes is false. I, personally, don’t mind taxes, and I even support raising taxes in order to have better public education, better infrastructure, more scientific investment, universal healthcare, etc. I have indeed voted for tax increases to support my city and county. And here’s the kicker: I support taxes even if they are spent on governmental programs that do not directly benefit me! I may be morally guilty of not caring to spend all my free time helping the needy, but that is why I support government taxes to do what I don’t want to do.

Cruz says we are empowering the government cartel. Under his plan, we’ll get a corporate cartel not beholden to public opinion via elections, which is much worse because the government bureaucracy works for people whereas a corporate oligarchy works for profit, often at the direct expense of people. The government should not be run like a business because governmental services are services, not money-making undertakings. For instance, Republicans love to criticize the postal service, but what major government power going back centuries did not guarantee the ability to adequately mail stuff within its realm?

Cruz promises growth, as all conservatives do, but their plans project magical, unprecedented growth following dramatic tax cuts. Reagan promised the same thing, and it didn’t happen. So Reagan had to repeatedly raise taxes. With Donald Trump’s economic plan, though, I assume it would be impossible to have any growth since he plans to deport 12 million people which would no doubt have a disastrous effect on America’s economy.

Jeb Bush would let a poor couple cherish their extra $2,000 under his tax plan, while billionaires get to keep BILLIONS! Republicans get tripped up on fairness, and they decide things by intuition alone. Intuitively, it seems fair if everyone pays a 10% flat tax, and it seems fair if everyone paid the same amount of taxes to the government, but there are multiple ways of looking at fairness. Compassionate economists and the Democrat Party look at the declining marginal value of money, which illuminates the philosophy that if you have just one dollar, that dollar is very important to you. But if you have 1,000 dollars, each dollar is individually less important. And if you have 100 million dollars, each individual dollar is not important to you at all. This is one of the main justifications of progressive taxation, that every dollar is important for poor people and virtually worthless for rich people, which is why, the theory goes, rich people should be taxed at higher rates than poor people: to fairly subsidize a society that is beneficial for EVERYONE.

The Republican candidates spiritually are running Warren Harding’s know-nothing, anti-government campaign of intellectual laziness. They just say shit that sounds good and spout empty platitudes that are politically advantageous because Democrats sound boring in contrast by explaining in detail that Republicans either do not have any idea what they are talking about or are purposefully lying or misleading.

I wonder how old Rand Paul was the last time he smoked pot.

Rubio/Paul tiff: Rubio calls for endless military spending, like a new arm’s race with the rest of the world. Rand has the killer comeback that Rubio is being liberal with military spending. Rand has a point that conservatives are not very conservative with military spending and military-industrial complex welfare.

Fiorina’s plan to end debt: pinch every individual, goddamn penny the government has. What a buzzkill after the Rubio/Paul tiff.

Bold Trump announcement: “I agree with Marco and I agree with Ted.” Trump just associates himself with whoever seems to have the audience’s attention. Like the great, pompous businessman he is.

Trump is wrong about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) with his claim that China is winning with it, and Rand Paul DESTROYED his argument by explaining, simply, that China is not even involved in the partnership. Trump is a blowhard, and somehow having NO CLUE what he’s talking about does not hurt him in the eyes and minds of Republican primary voters.

Rand Paul stopped Trump’s momentum dead in its tracks. The audience literally had steam release out their ears, and somewhere someone, I think, blew on a horn instrument.

Republicans usually support free trade to advance neoliberal ideology and to give more money to the rich, but Obama is supporting the TPP because it presents a foreign policy opportunity too great to pass up: to isolate China by cementing trade ties with the rest of Asia. At this point in free trade, America will not be hurt much because America already has free trade agreements with Asian WTO countries, they just do not necessarily have free trade agreements with each other because of centuries of isolationist attitudes. So Asian countries, excluding China, are lowering tariffs on each other, while America keeps its foot in the door of Asian trade.

And it’s not like American jobs haven’t already been outsourced to Asia for forty-plus years. There aren’t many manufacturing jobs left to go, and as China’s population gets richer they will be calling for more civil rights and higher wages, which will raise the price of Chinese goods and begin to even out our trade imbalance. Then jobs will then probably move to Africa, the last continent of Wild West economic development because, let’s be honest, the world is really racist.

Trump calls for working with Putin: a tyrant always respects another tyrant.

Trump says we should have kept Iraqi oil. Oh, God, where to start with this? It is not really legal to steal stuff from other countries. It’s so colonial. Also, after we obliterated Iraqis’ government, economy and society, oil is literally the only thing still going for them.

It doesn’t make sense for Fiorina to propose ignoring other foreign leaders, especially leaders like Putin. It’s not like we can hope he’ll lose an election after all.

Fiorina says she’ll beef up the military! She’ll apparently put thousands of troops in Germany. Did she happen to ask Germany if America could station thousands more troops on German soil? Maybe Germany would say “fuck no.”

Rand Paul explains that to make a no-fly zone in Syria, where Russia ALREADY flies its planes, and to then shoot down a Russian plane for flying there would start a war with Russia. Rand Paul is apparently the only Republican who has thoughtfully considered foreign policy.

Marco Rubio is imagining Putin as an 80’s movie world villain. Does America have to existentially oppose Russia still? The Cold War is over—we won—and yet neocons are pushing for a new arms race with Russia. Republicans love to criticize President Obama for “leading from behind,” but the fact is that Obama understands how international relations works: America can’t do whatever it wants anymore, and the reason why the rest of the world went from loving America to hating America is because the Bush Doctrine supposed America still could.

Rubio is running a repeat of George W. Bush’s campaign: compassionate family man, yet cold-hearted war machine lever-puller who will be manipulated into another decade of war.

Can we briefly reminisce that Dick Cheney was the CEO of Halliburton, the cotton king of military industrial complex fraud, before he stepped down to become the Vice-President? Then he convinced George W. Bush to go to war in Iraq after being attacked by a terrorist group in Afghanistan, and spent Bush’s entire presidency financing the war through Halliburton, a company caught serving troops rotten food and billing the government for work it either never did or did terribly.

Kasich imagines himself a new Reagan but doesn’t realize that Reagan was incoherent and that his administration was a zombie with no control over executive corruption. Reagan is like a child who Republicans really adored and wanted to see be elected president, and they clapped for him and defended him when a tarantula disease wrapped its legs around his mind because he was the perfect conservative archetype: a young bleeding heart liberal, from Hollywood no less, who got smart and tough and adopted American exceptionalism by blindly adhering to supply-side economics that his own, more practical vice-president described as “voodoo.”

Neo-liberalism is often called a “race to the bottom” because it encourages capital, labor, and factories to “race” to the cheapest country available. The end result is that things like textiles, raw resources and cheap labor will continue making their rounds around the world from one cheap, child labor-accepting country to another. Neoliberalism does have the benefit of increasing incomes in the countries that cheap labor jobs go to, but it keeps the worldwide income for poor people low because jobs only stay until incomes rise so much that it becomes cheaper to move factories to new continents rather than to increase wages.

It is safe to say most industrial jobs will never come back to the industrialized world because most developed countries have minimum wages and people will refuse to work for Third World wages. The only way around this, if you truly want the shitty industrial jobs to come back, is to heavily subsidize these industries, which means that the government would pay companies the difference between having factories in America versus having factories in the Third World, and this is illegal by WTO and free trade rules.

Ted Cruz would let Bank of America fail. The crowd goes “oooh” and he tries to sneak out by blaming the Fed for too-big-to-fail banks, while not answering the question about what he’d do about everyone’s lost money.

Kasich is the only Republican not willing to let the hypothetical depositors of Bank of America all go bankrupt and lose their livelihoods, and gets booed for saying that the government has a role in preventing tens of millions of people losing their life savings. Republicans are so against government action that they don’t think the government should prevent a depression that would dwarf the Great Depression. Republicans stick to ideology rather than giving a damn about Americans’ lives.

Republicans are such smear agents: Islamic terrorism is on the rise because it’s on the rise, not because Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State. They love the political convenience of blaming causation on correlation.

The debate’s audience is clearly stacked with Republicans. This echo chamber does not reflect America’s actual opinion. Our elections and debates would be better if candidates had to acknowledge disagreement over their ideas rather than riled up, partisan mob cheering.

Rand Paul won’t commit to saying Man has contributed to carbon pollution. He’s the unprecedented, center-right voice on climate change because he admits that Man MAY be responsible for climate change.

What if a debate cut off the candidates’ mics when the buzzer goes off?

Jeb Bush gives natural gas credit for lower national carbon emissions, and argues for less regulation, despite the fact that the Obama Administration has dragged coal and oil companies kicking and screaming into the more regulatory oversight cutting down on emissions. Even if Bush’s statement is true that natural gas does give off less emissions than dirty coal and oil, isn’t that like saying “Well, the river must be clean because I only shit in it four times a week now instead of seven”? And most importantly, when America says that it has lowered its carbon emissions it’s likely because a factory closed down, was moved to China or Malaysia, and the emissions are just produced there instead of here. There’s still no net difference—actually I take that back—theres more than likely an increase in global carbon emissions because factories in other countries have fewer standards and regulations than America, which is why they moved there in the first place. It’s cheaper to pollute in Asia.

Kasich’s 16-year-old daughters are probably running a Tumblr blog supporting Bernie Sanders.

Republicans want you to believe that EVERYTHING Hillary Clinton has ever said is a lie. Talk about unethical and illegitimate political defamation.

Jeb Bush brought a veteran into the audience. He’s basically saying ‘Look at this veteran, and let me get a war in Iraq too, I’ll really get it right this time!’ What is it with the Bush family and Iraq? Is there really any way to get Iraq right? It’s a fake country with huge societal cleavages that clearly cannot be brought together through patriotism.

Ted Cruz should narrate books.

Marco Rubio is way off: Millennials are not going to be the first generation worse off than their parents, future tense… We already are worse off than our parents. We’re not being let down by Democrats right now; we got left behind by Republicans in the second Bush Administration when Bush trashed Bill Clinton’s budget surpluses.

Trump says that Hillary Clinton is the worst secretary of state in history. How many secretaries of state can Donald Trump even name?

Levi Olson

Levi Olson

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