With The Pope’s Visit To Philly Approaching, We Should All Agree On One Thing…He’s A Badass!

With The Pope’s Visit To Philly Approaching, We Should All Agree On One Thing…He’s A Badass!


Even if you don’t practice Catholicism or any religion for that matter; there is no denying that Pope Francis is a great humanitarian.

With the rapid approach of next month, brings a visit to Philadelphia by Pope Francis were he will be greeted by over one million people.

Now, let’s take a moment to highlight the awesomeness that is Pope Francis.

1. Showing his humility he chose to ride in an ordinary car over the more luxurious one.

2. The Pope’s primary concern is the welfare of humanity, and he instructed the Church’s officials to prioritize helping the poor and sick.

3. Many times the Pope disguised himself so that he could go into the streets and personal feed the hungry.

4. He sold his Harley (the fact that the Pope owned a motorcycle is pretty neat) to fund a hostel and soup kitchen.

5. He does not preach hate towards the atheist or agnostics but instead suggested that doing well towards others might be more important than believing the right things.

6. He encouraged everyone, ESPECIALLY Christians, to respect the lives of the LGBT community. He stated that he has no right to judge them.

7. He openly ridiculed the Church’s obsession with abortion, gay marriage and contraception.

8. He speaks openly about the evil of the global financial system (which many megachurches and religious institute place an emphasis on money and material items).

9. He condemned child abuse (sexual abuse in the Catholic Church has been focal issue) and ordered the Church’s officials to create a Vatican Law against sexual abuse of children and established a committee to demolish these abuses.

10. Traditionally the Vatican provided bonuses to its employees upon the election of the Pope. But, unlike the Pope’s that preceded him, Pope Francis donated his money to the poor.

Now, if only the majority of other religious individuals conducted and behaved in the same fashion, we would have more love, compassion, and acceptance.

We all should be able to agree on one thing, that Pope Francis is a badass.


Image via The Telegraph


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