Fox’s Todd Starnes Claims God Is Going To Flood The Earth Over Marriage Equality Decision

Fox’s Todd Starnes Claims God Is Going To Flood The Earth Over Marriage Equality Decision

Fox News commentator and resident End Times prognosticator Todd Starnes used both his Twitter and Facebook pages Sunday to make the claim that God was punishing the planet over the Supreme Court’s recent decision regarding same-sex marriage. According to Starnes, since SCOTUS had the gall to think they “knew better than God,” the Supreme Being opened up the skies with rain and created flooding in and around Washington, D.C. While the White House was bathed in the colors of the rainbow, God would do what he did in olden times and display a rainbow of his own, but only after he wiped out the earth with a massive flood. Ya know, just like with Noah and his ark?

Below is what Starnes wrote on his Facebook page on Sunday:


Record-breaking floods have inundated Washington, D.C. just days after the Supreme Court decided they knew better than God. I seem to remember another time in history when there was a record-breaking flood.

God painted the sky with rainbow colors after that flood. This go-around – Obama painted the White House with rainbow colors.

Anybody got an ark?



Starnes also sent a similar message via Twitter Sunday morning.



Starnes has been on a bit of a roll lately. Just last week, he claimed that America was going through a “cultural cleansing” due to the brouhaha over the Confederate flag. He further likened liberals to ISIS, claiming that they were both trying to destroy and reshape history. With the Supreme Court’s ruling Friday, the Bible-thumping Starnes gets to play uber-victim over the persecution of God-fearing Christians everywhere.

So, when we don’t go through 40 days and 40 nights of torrential rains, and the entire planet isn’t flooded Waterworld-style, will Starnes back off of his prediction that God is punishing us? Yeah, no.


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Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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