Republican Congressman Compares Trump to Luke Skywalker

Republican Congressman Compares Trump to Luke Skywalker

Ahead of a House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearing this week and the White House declining to participate, a Republican member of the committee used a Star Wars analogy to roundly dismiss the impeachment inquiry while seemingly comparing President Trump to the hero of the space opera.

“We had Star Wars—the Empire got destroyed just like the Mueller report got destroyed,” the Republican lawmaker declared. “The sequel is here. It’s The Empire Strikes Back, or as we like to say, the Intelligence Committee strikes back, Adam Schiff strikes back. We all know how the story ends.”

“The rebels win,” Cline concluded. “Ultimately the president will be exonerated and we don’t anticipate any reason to go forward with these hearings.”

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Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

Contemptor Staff