Louisiana Gubernatorial Candidate Drops N-Word on Radio Show

Louisiana Gubernatorial Candidate Drops N-Word on Radio Show

Listeners of The Right Chicks, a local radio talk show in New Orleans, got a wake-up on Wednesday.

Gary Landrieu, a conservative independent candidate in the governor’s race in Louisiana, dropped the n-word in the middle of a broadcast:

“Let me tell you, when I was a kid we learned about protecting ourselves and defending ourselves because we were called a lot of ugly names as children. As an eight-year-old, they called me, ‘Oh, there’s the [n-word] lovers right there.”

He was immediately shouted down by the show’s co-hosts, one of whom told him, “You can’t curse!”

Ah, cursing was the problem here?

Gary Landrieu is indeed a member of the Landrieu political dynasty in Louisiana. He’s a cousin of former mayor of New Orleans and senator Mary Landrieu and her brother Mitch, who also served as New Orleans’ mayor.

The Landrieus were moderate Democrats, but cousin Gary has charged hard to the right. His campaign site blasts Democrats for the party’s support of abortion rights and “open borders.” (Democrats don’t really support that in the sense that Landrieu and other right-wingers mean it.)

Gary Landrieu also has a history of not getting anywhere close to winning Democratic congressional primaries, for obvious reasons.

Listen to Landrieu’s dropping the n-word bomb in the video above.

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Gary Legum

Gary Legum

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