Trump Claims He ‘Was Not Happy’ With ‘Send Her Back’ Chant Fueled By His Own Racist Rhetoric

Trump Claims He ‘Was Not Happy’ With ‘Send Her Back’ Chant Fueled By His Own Racist Rhetoric

President Trump claimed he was “not happy” about the “Send her back” chant the crowd at his Thursday night rally aimed at Rep. Ilhan Omar, even as he renewed his unprovable assertion that the Minnesota congresswoman and her so-called “Squad” do not love America.

Speaking to reporters in the Oval Office just before a meeting with the prime minister of Finland, Trump tried to distance himself from the chant, claiming that he has spoken against such sentiments “very strongly.” Which would be news to anyone who still watches him when crowds start screeching “Lock her up” regarding Hillary Clinton at his rallies.

For that matter, it would surprise anyone who watched Wednesday night’s rally, when Trump made no effort to quiet the crowd when it broke into “Send her back” at the very mention of Omar’s name.

Sandwiched around Trump’s claim that he didn’t like the chant was his unfalsifiable premise that the four Democratic congresswomen he and his supporters have spent the week attacking hate America:

“The congresswomen, by the way, should be more positive…When you look at the statements they made that were so bad and so horrible to our country, you look at what they said. What they said was something that is hard to believe that they could make statements like that, and I can go page over page over page, many, many statements, whether it’s about us, about Israel, the World Trade Center and all of the different things that were said. It was a very terrible thing.”

Trump also said the congresswomen have “a big obligation” to love America.

Such sentiments paint the congresswomen as less patriotic than Trump and his supporters, which drives the hatred towards them and would seem to negate the sentiment expressed by saying he dislikes the “send her back” chant. But no one got a chance to point that out as the media was hustled out of the Oval Office.

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

Gary Legum

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