Mike Pompeo Dodges When Asked If Mexico Will Pay For Wall: ‘We’re Going To Get The Wall Built’

"Mexico paying for the wall?" Wolf Blitzer asked.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sat down with CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer and was asked about President Donald Trump’s campaign promise that a Mexico would pay for a border wall built along the southern border.




BLITZER: Final question on Mexico. Looks like U.S. – Mexican relations are improving. You’re off for the inauguration of the new president, President Trump signed together with leaders of Mexico and Canada, the U.S. – Mexico – Canada new trade agreement, but there’s still a lot of tension along the border, a lot of uproar whether or not the U.S. should build a new wall, spend all of that money. Whatever happened to the president’s commitment for so long during the campaign that Mexico would pay for the wall?

POMPEO: That wall is going to get I have already developed a good relationship with my counterpart, the incoming foreign secretary of Mexico. We met a number of times already. I’m not going to make the inauguration today, but he will travel in his second day of office and continue to develop the relationship. It is not just focused on migration issues, there are many economic issues between the two countries and other commercial, transnational criminal organizations we work on it is a broad set of relationships. We’re going to work to help build the Mexican economy in the southern part of their nation, work with the northern triangle countries, too, those are important elements of what we are trying to accomplish. Soon to be foreign secretary within hours, we are working hard at it.

BLITZER: Mexico paying for the wall?

POMPEO: We’re going to get the wall built.

BLITZER: Will Mexico pay for it?

POMPEO: We’re going to get the wall built.

BLITZER: Mr. Secretary, busy schedule thanks for joining us.

POMPEO: Thank you, Wolf. Have a great day.



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