Bill Shine’s Wife Makes Big Impression At Seb Gorka’s Book Party: ‘I’m The Racist And He’s The Rapist!’

Bill Shine’s Wife Makes Big Impression At Seb Gorka’s Book Party: ‘I’m The Racist And He’s The Rapist!’

Oh, how we wish we were at this shindig Tuesday night.

At a Trump Hotel book party for former presidential aide and current Bond villain Seb Gorka that was hosted by new power couple Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle, the Dragon of Budapest saw the limelight shift from him to a couple of guests — White House communications chief Bill Shine and his wife Darla.

According to the Washington Post, Mrs. Shine made a big entrance at the gala when she shouted out to fellow partiers: “I’m the racist and he’s the rapist!”

While her husband followed up by saying that her comments were “off the record,” Darla insisted that she’s “always on the record.”

In case you are wondering what Mrs. Shine is referencing, a few months ago Mediaite reported on her history of racially insensitive and inflammatory tweets and comments, specifically her anger over blacks using the N-word. The Post noted that she complained at the party that she couldn’t sing MAGA rapper Kanye West’s ‘Gold Digger’ because she’d be called racist.

As for the “rapist” part of her intro, she obviously alluded to her husband’s departure from his previous job as Fox News co-president. Bill was ousted from the conservative-leaning network last year following outrage over his handling and possible cover-up of a number of sexual harassment and misconduct accusations.

Per the Post, Bill spent most of his time at the bar while his wife mingled with guests and weighed in on a number of subjects and topics. However, by the time it got around to Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test, he apparently felt that was the sign to get going and the two left the party.

Justin Baragona

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