Chuck Grassley Wants Christine Blasey Ford’s Therapist’s Notes

Chuck Grassley Wants Christine Blasey Ford’s Therapist’s Notes

Senator Chuck Grassley is demanding therapist’s notes from Christine Blasey Ford. The Republican chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee believes that Blasey Ford’s testimony before the committee is not enough and he wants to see a trance of documents.

Grassley wants notes from Blasey Ford’s therapy sessions where she mentioned the alleged assault by Judge Brett Kavanaugh as well as the recording of a lie detector test and any exchanges she had with reporters. Republicans on the Judiciary Committee have taken aim at the polygraph test Blasey Ford took, believing it could cast doubt on her testimony.

During questioning, the Republican’s hired prosecutor Rachel Mitchell appeared to be trying to undermine Blasey Ford’s lie detector test by repeatedly asking who had paid for the test and where it had been conducted. Eventually, Blasey Ford’s lawyer told Mitchell that his clients lawyers had paid for the test, which is ruin. Mitchell’s line of questioning seemed bizarre to many observers.

Blasey Ford says she first spoke about Brett Kavanaugh’s sexual misconduct in therapy in 2012. Notes from that time would undermine claims that Blasey Ford was pursuing a partisan vendetta. Blasey Ford also told the committee that she reached out to the media when Kavanaugh’s name appeared on a shortlist of possible Supreme Court appointees, re-enforcing her claim that she was genuinely concerned about his actions.

Republicans have consistently tried to undermine Blasey Ford’s testimony, despite many of them saying she is a credible witness. Rachel Mitchell’s approach involved digging into the minutiae of Blasey Ford’s testimony and searching for inconsistencies. which did not effectively rebut her claim.

The Senate is due to vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination Friday, while the FBI could reportedly conclude its investigation into the allegations today. It seems unlikely that Republicans will further delay a vote, even if they are provided with the information Grassley wants.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.