Trump’s Hotel Dropped From Tourist Guide To Scotland Because Of His ‘Divisive And Dangerous’ Politics

Trump’s Hotel Dropped From Tourist Guide To Scotland Because Of His ‘Divisive And Dangerous’ Politics

A major tourist guidebook to Scotland will drop President Donald Trump’s hotel and golf course from its next edition. Scotland the Best will no longer feature Trump’s Turnberry hotel, despite having featured it for several years and giving it good ratings.

“I’m taking it out of the next edition,” the guide’s author, Peter Irvine, said. “I still think it’s a great hotel, a flagship for Scotland and for golf, but I can’t champion or even recommend a place for which I have so many reservations.”

“Like so many of the little people everywhere, I watch with increasing repulsion as half-baked policies and contradictory pronouncements make the world a more divisive and dangerous place,” Irvine said. “He has used the office of presidency in the shameless commercial advancement of his hotel business.”

Turnberry hotel and golf course have featured in the guide since 1993 and Trump purchased it in 2014. Trump visited the property during his last visit to the UK. But the hotel will not appear in the upcoming edition, due to be published in March, 2019. Trump also owns a second property in another part of Scotland.

“I don’t feel that overall either of his two properties here are good for Scotland,” Irvine told Scotland’s The Scotsman newspaper. Whether the removal of Turnberry from the guidebook will have any effect on its business remains to be seen.

President Trump has spoken fondly of Scotland and praised his properties there, but he does not enjoy wide support there. The Scottish government is led by the largely left-leaning Scottish National Party, which has opposed the Conservative government in London and Trump’s policies.


Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.