Trump Urges Supporters To Vote As Republicans Worry About Midterm Losses

Trump Urges Supporters To Vote As Republicans Worry About Midterm Losses

President Donald Trump is back on the campaign trail following the cancellation of rallies due to Hurricane Florence and his message is clear: Go out and vote Republican in November. At a campaign-style rally in Las Vegas last night, Trump focused on the need for GOP votes in the upcoming midterm elections.

“Go out, and vote. You’re not letting me down, and I’m never ever going to let you down,” Trump told the crowd. This is a departure from his recent comments about the midterm elections. Trump has talked about a ‘red wave’ and he’s seemed certain that Republicans will win. The polls don’t bare that out.

“”I want to give a victory speech on the evening of election day. We’re not going to let people undo the incredible job that we’ve done,” Trump told the rally. It is not typical for a president to give a victory speech following a midterm election.

The President took the time to mock former President Barack Obama, who has been stumping for Democrats and recently gave a speech that criticized Trump without mentioning him by name, Trump also revisited some of his favorite campaign subjects: illegal immigration and the border wall. Trump has made no progress on the wall despite his party controlling the House and the Senate.

Trump told rally-goers that the Democrats wanted to turn the US into another Venezuela and he was met with a predictable chant of ‘Build the wall’. He also continued his attacks on the media, but did not lay out what Republicans would do if they win in November.

Trump’s shift in tone is an important development. Things are not looking good for Republicans as the midterms approach. Most polls show that Democrats have a clear advantage, while Republican Ted Cruz is a facing a real and unprecedented challenge in Texas from Beto O’Rourke. With Cruz at risk and Trump encouraging core supporters to vote, it’s clear the GOP is worried about its majority.


Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.