DNC Chairman: The Party Of Lincoln Is Dead, It’s Trump’s Party Now

Tom Perez did not hold back in a new interview
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Democratic National Committee Chairman believes that the midterm elections may be the most important in his lifetime. Perez made the claim in a recent interview with ‘Cape Up’, a podcast for The Washington Post. Perez did not hold back in his criticism of Republicans.

“The party of Lincoln is dead, and it’s been replaced by the party of Trump,” Perez said. “What is most unconscionable about our current moment in our nation’s journey to form a more perfect union is the appalling silence and capitulation of Republicans on so many issues.”

Perez discussed how Democrats have struggled to win elections in recent years and how the 2016 presidential primaries damaged trust in the party. The Democrats recently abolished superdelegates, the system many believed unfairly biased the process against Senator Bernie Sanders.

“I think people lost faith in the DNC,” Perez told The Washington Post. “We lost a lot of elections, and we did it in a way that made people feel like the process wasn’t fair.”

Democrats are aiming for big gains in November’s midterm elections, with their voting base riled up by President Donald Trump’s behavior and policies. Many commentators are expecting a blue wave, despite the Democrats fighting an uphill battle.

“We’re fighting for our democracy,” he said of the upcoming midterms. “This is, I believe, the most important election of our lifetime.,” Perez added.


Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.
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  • Misty
    19 September 2018 at 9:32 am

    The Party of Lincoln? Why do white people continue to misconstrue history? Lincoln pressured the Southern States, not to free the slaves initially, but to keep those Southern states from becoming their own country, if they wanted. For over two centuries, Southerners enjoyed reaping MILLIONS off the black backs bent in their fields, who built their plantations, cooked their meals, raised their babies… all the things that white people could have done themselves but were too lazy and wanted to live like (and still do) like the kings and queens they had left their homelands to escape.

    This was part of the “Political Philosophical Turnaround” that was highlighted in Democrat William Jenings Bryant’s presidential run where he condemned the KKK. in the 1900’s where, due to philosophical flips,those who were once Democrats began to call themselves Republicans and the Republicans, due to the same change, were labeling as Democrats. Those who were strongly supported holding on the the ways of the Old South called themselves, DIXIECRATS.

    I believe that people have lost faith in the Democratic Party because there is no solid agenda other than the same old rhetoric that has said over and over, and in its words, divisive. I believe that this nation needs to heal. The Civil War might have kept the country, once divided, together, but it didn’t heal the wound.

    All Americans owe the native people. It is on their lands that we live while they suffer. That is so wrong. I say to Democrats, lead the way. The new, younger voters need to see that our politicians are willing to right the wrongs that they see. Although I am of concentrated African descent, I know that we will not come together until we address those wrongs we have caused and are causing people in this country (of all colors) and later, the world.

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