Trump Claims Puerto Rico Response Was An ‘Unsung Success’: ‘One Of The Best Jobs’ Ever

Trump Claims Puerto Rico Response Was An ‘Unsung Success’: ‘One Of The Best Jobs’ Ever

After discussing the federal government’s preparations ahead of the landfall of potentially devastating Category 4 storm Hurricane Florence, President Donald Trump was asked by reporters if his administration had learned anything from its response in Puerto Rico to Hurricane Maria.

It appears the only thing Trump thinks they need to learn from Maria — which officially left 2,975 people dead — is how awesome of a job they did.

“I think Puerto Rico was incredibly successful,” the president bragged. “Puerto Rico was actually our toughest one of all because it is an island. You can’t truck things onto it. Everything is by boat. We moved a hospital into Puerto Rico, tremendous military hospital in the form of a ship.”

After saying the Puerto Rican governor has been “very nice” and will tell you how the federal government did a “great job,” POTUS claimed it was “one of the best jobs that’s ever been done with respect to what this is all about.” He went on to blast Puerto Rico’s electrical grid and economy before boasting some more about his administration’s response.

“The job that FEMA and law enforcement and everybody did working along with the governor in Puerto Rico I think was tremendous,” Trump beamed. “I think that Puerto Rico was an incredible unsung success.”

Again, 2,975 dead Americans.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

Justin Baragona

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