Obama Absolutely Scorches Trump: ‘How Hard Can That Be, Saying Nazis Are Bad?!’

Obama Absolutely Scorches Trump: ‘How Hard Can That Be, Saying Nazis Are Bad?!’

Former President Barack Obama didn’t mince words on Friday as he delivered a scathing rebuke of President Donald Trump during a speech at the University of Illinois. And this included scolding Trump for his unwillingness to condemn neo-Nazis after Charlottesville.

After saying that Trump was a “symptom, not the cause” of the resentments that politicians have been fanning for years, Obama went after Trump for degrading the office of the presidency while saying we currently live in “dangerous times.”

At one point, Obama ticked off some of the specific actions made by this president that have caused widespread consternation and embarrassment.

“It should not be Democratic or Republican — it should not be a partisan issue to say that we do not pressure the attorney general or the FBI to use the criminal justice system as a cudgel to punish our political opponents,” Obama exclaimed to applause.

He went on to slam the president for threatening the freedom of the press while also saying we “shouldn’t be democratic or republican to say we don’t target certain groups of people based on what they look like or how they pray.” Then he made this observation:

“We’re supposed to stand up to bullies, not follow them. We’re supposed to stand up to discrimination, and we’re sure as heck supposed to stand up clearly and unequivocally to Nazi sympathizers…How hard can that be, saying that Nazis are bad?!”

Needless to say, we are going to hear quite a bit from Trump and his allies about this speech over the weekend.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

Justin Baragona

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