Trump’s White House Believed Ex-Obama Staffers Were Conspiring Against The President

White House officials engaged in a wild conspiracy theory

A White House memo in 2017 claimed that former Barack Obama staffers were conspiring against the President and trying to undermine his foreign policy. The memo, titled the ‘Echo Chamber’, pushed a conspiracy theory that was popular with elements on the right.

The memo was circulated among members of the National Security Council and claimed that former Obama aides had set up a ‘communications network’ outside the White House with the intention of working against President Donald Trump. It claimed this network was coordinating attacks in the press. It also names journalist who were supposedly ‘vessels’ for communicating the network’s message.

“These are the Obama loyalists who are probably among those coordinating the daily/weekly battle rhythm,” the memo said. President Obama’s former national security adviser Ben Rhoades was singled out as the possible head of the operation.

Right-wing news sites, including Breitbart, made similar claims about ex-Obama administration officials last year.

So far, no-one seems to know who wrote the memo. It is unsigned and undated and Trump staffers can’t agree on the details of its provenance. However, the document echoes claims made by Israeli private intelligence firm Black Cube – the firm used by Harvey Weinstein to allegedly intimidate women who accused him of assault.

Some of the journalists named in the memo have dismissed the conspiracy, calling it ‘weird’ and ‘stupid’ but it will likely give credence to pro-Trump conspiracy theorists who believe the ‘Deep State’ is out to destroy his administration.


Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.