Alt-Right Senate Nominee Corey Stewart Shares Obviously Fake Photo To Smear Tim Kaine

Alt-Right Senate Nominee Corey Stewart Shares Obviously Fake Photo To Smear Tim Kaine

Shortly after his off-the-rails interview with CNN’s Chirs Cuomo that included him calling for Cuomo to be fired while implying the CNN anchor was sympathetic to Antifa, Virginia GOP Senate nominee Corey Stewart took to Twitter to brag that he took Cuomo to school. And he also decided to share a badly photoshopped image to smear his opponent, Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA).

It all started with Stewart accepting congratulations from alt-right provocateur Laura Loomer for taking it to Cuomo.

Loomer responded by stating how much she loved that Cuomo wouldn’t “condemn ANTIFA” while claiming it was because he doesn’t want to admit Kaine’s son was “a member of a designated terrorist organization.” (This has been a major talking point of the fringe right fever swamp as Kaine’s son was arrested at a Trump rally protest last year.)

This resulted in another Twitter user to reply to Stewart and Loomer with an obviously fake image of Kaine on the Senate floor beside a picture of his son with a hammer-and-sickle.

Stewart saw that image and immediately tweeted it out, writing that Kaine “approved and even applauds his son’s participation in a known terrorist organization.”

As of this publication, that tweet is still up live on Stewart’s timeline, despite numerous people highlighting that the image is a blatant fake.

Of course, considering Stewart’s embrace of the far-right and white nationalist figures — he cheered on the United the Right Rally in Charlottesville and has palled around with anti-Semite Pauh Nehlen — one figures he doesn’t much care that he’s sharing false smears. It pushes his ultra-conservative messaging and ideology, it also caters to the MAGA trolls and provocative fringe that he’s clearly a part of.

Justin Baragona

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