Trump Unable To Answer How Pulling Out Of Iran Nuclear Deal Makes America Safer

Trump Unable To Answer How Pulling Out Of Iran Nuclear Deal Makes America Safer

After declaring that the United States would pull out of the Iran nuclear deal, potentially alienating its European allies and risking further tensions with China and Russia, President Donald Trump was asked by a reporter how this action would make America safer.

And the president had no real answer.

While Trump signed a presidential memorandum to begin reinstating sanctions against Iran, the reporter shouted out: “Mr. President, how does this make America safer?”

For a few seconds, Trump just posed with his signed memo, showing it off for the cameras. He then gave this response: “This will make America much safer.”

And that was it. That was his explanation. How will it make the country safer? It just will. BOOM! MAGA!

Before leaving the room, he also answered some questions about North Korea as he had informed the country that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was on his way there to meet with Kim Jong Un. When asked if the American prisoners held by North Korea would be coming home, POTUS stated that “we will soon be finding out.” It was last Thursday when Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani said the prisoners were going to be released that day.

Watch the clip below, via CNN.

Justin Baragona

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