Remember When Sarah Huckabee Sanders Told Reporters They ‘Should Get A Sense Of Humor’?

Remember When Sarah Huckabee Sanders Told Reporters They ‘Should Get A Sense Of Humor’?

Ever since comedian Michelle Wolf devoted 90 seconds of her White House Correspondents’ Dinner monologue to calling Sarah Huckabee Sanders a liar and remarking on her “perfect smoky eye,” much of the oxygen has been sucked up by pearl-clutching from the political media class and conservatives over how poorly Sanders was treated.

Do you remember, however, the time the White House press secretary chastised the White House press corps for not having a sense of humor over one of President Donald Trump’s remarks?

Last October, in the wake of reports that then then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called Trump a “fucking moron,” the president responded by saying he thought it was “fake news” but if Tillerson said it they’d “have to compare IQ tests.”

“And I can tell you who is going to win,” POTUS added.

During a press briefing shortly after Trump’s comments came out, Sanders insisted that the president didn’t imply that Tillerson “was not incredibly intelligent while claiming that it was “nothing more” than a joke.

“He made a joke,” she noted with a smirk. “Maybe you guys should get a sense of humor and try it sometime.”


Watch the clip above, via the Associated Press.

Justin Baragona

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