Joe Scarborough: Putin May Be Losing Trump, But He’s Still Got Ann Coulter And Sean Hannity

Joe Scarborough: Putin May Be Losing Trump, But He’s Still Got Ann Coulter And Sean Hannity

Discussing the Trump administration’s critical and somewhat aggressive posture towards Russia of late when it comes to the country’s backing of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough decided to lob some grenades at pro-Trump conservative commentators who have maintained their apologetic stances towards Russia and Vladimir Putin.

In Joe’s opinion, Putin is now learning how “unpredictable” Trump really is, and therefore may be having some second thoughts over any election interference on his part to help Trump win the election.

“How fascinating that Vladimir Putin,” Scarborough stated. “If he thought he was going to influence politics in America, it hasn’t turned out that way.”

He then added, “Other than he’s got Ann Coulter on his side, but other than that, not working out very well for Putin.”

And he wasn’t done.

“Oh wait — and Sean Hannity,” the MSNBC personality said. “He’s got Sean Hannity on his side.”

It would appear that Scarborough was poking fun at the previous night’s broadcast of Fox News’ Hannity, which featured Coulter as a guest. During her segment, Coulter — an early and fervent Trump supporter — criticized the president for the airstrike in Syria and described Assad as one of the better leaders in the Middle East. “Not a murderous thug like Saddam Hussein,” she added.

It is only a matter of time before both Coulter and Hannity take aim at Scarborough with some very sharply worded tweets.

Justin Baragona

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