Michael Flynn Resigns But Questions About Trump Administration And Russia Remain

The national security adviser has resigned
Source: latimes.com

Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, has resigned amid a flurry of accusations about Flynn’s ties to Russia. Claims that Flynn spoke to Russian officials about potentially lifting US sanctions on Russia have been dominating headlines for days.

Lt. General Flynn resigned late last night following days of speculation about his contacts with Russian government officials. Flynn has personally met Russian President Vladimir Putin and done work for Russian state-owned news site, RT.

Flynn has been accused of breaking the Logan Act – a law that forbids citizens from working with foreign governments to get around US foreign policy. America imposed sanctions on Russia several years ago in response to its aggressive actions in neighboring Georgia and Ukraine.

It is still not clear what actions, if any, Flynn took that may have violated the Logan Act. While Flynn is known for his connections to Russia and criticism of sanctions, a full investigation into Flynn will be the only way to find out exactly what happened.

The Trump administration is likely to resist any formal investigation into Flynn. Flynn has been extremely loyal to Russia and his resignation raises questions about who knew what in the administration. Trump and his team have already been accused of being soft on Russia.


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