Watch: Keith Olbermann Explains The Immorality Of Donald Trump’s Travel Ban

Olbermann denounced the president's travel ban

In his latest YouTube video for ‘The Resistance’, Keith Olbermann made an emotional appeal against President Donald Trump’s travel ban. The ban on travel from seven mainly Muslim countries has been temporarily suspended but the administration is fighting to restore.

Olbermann explained the story of a four-month-old Iranian baby who was set to come to the United States for crucial heart surgery. Olbermann asked viewers to consider their own morality and what they might do to save a seriously ill baby and whether a travel ban that prevented her getting vital surgery was the moral thing to do.

The baby in question has since been allowed to enter the US (she has two American grandparents) but Olbermann suggested there could be other cases like hers, either now or if the travel ban is re-instated. The Trump administration is battling in the courts to restore the ban, which would affect other cases like the one Olbermann drew attention to in his new video for GQ.

You can watch below.

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Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.